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Elders’ Day is being observed on October 1. Copied below is an article, edited version of which was published in 2009 in Bepositive, a monthly magazine published by Apollo Group of Hospitals M G Warrier, Mumbai LIVING IN STYLE IN LAST RESORT M G Warrier “Necessity is the mother of invention” This is true not only for scientific and technological research, but for any development in the social and even spiritual area also. In India, perhaps till a couple of decades back, care homes for the aged were a government initiative targeting mainly those below poverty line (there is no hope in sight for getting rid of the need for this line!). And if someone who had enough assets to meet his daily needs thought of going and living in a care home, people would refuse to accept it as a normal behavior. Our social security network through the institution of family and neighborhood interdependence was strong enough to take care of the aged and the invalid as long as they survived.

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My Page A monthly bulletin from M G Warrier incorporating select published letters/articles (and some stray thoughts based on what he read/saw and wrote during the month). Send your responses and views to Vol 1, No 4, October, 2011 Page One- Letters Letters Pre-audit by CAG (Published on September 10,2011) This refers to the report “Home Ministry to seek CAG audit before award of Rs 30,000-cr deal” (Business Line, September 5). On the face of it, this may look like an extra-cautious government trying to make its processes defect-free at a time when the Anna-effect is haunting it. But a government which was hesitant, intolerant, doubting and critical (not necessarily in that order) while handling ‘outside' participation in drafting the Lokpal Bill is unlikely to have become wiser suddenly. First, the CAG is very much a part of the government and is, therefore, no third party. Trying to get a clean chit from the C