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Letters from June to November, 2010 sent to/published in daily newspapers, magazines etc.

M G Warrier 2005/1-D, DREAMS COMPLEX LBS Marg BHANDUP (WEST) Mumbai-400078 (Mobile: 09349319479) A selection from my letters published in dailies 1. Bhopal verdict (Hindu, June 9) Coming more than 25 years after the Bhopal tragedy, the trial court judgment delivered on June 7 will remain alive for a long time for several reasons. One, for the constraints faced by trial courts in even deciding the charges for which an accused is to be tried. Two, the delay in giving the judgment. God knows, when the legal process will, finally be over in this case. Three, if one is rich and powerful, it is not difficult to avoid getting charge-sheeted. Four, when death is in hundreds and thousands, no one gets hooked. Five, when the matter is ‘international’, less people bother about what happens to compensation received for deaths and injuries. One wishes, industrial safety norms and legal reforms get some attention from the authorities concerned, at least in the light of such experiences. 2. Interest