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Overcoming a World Economic Crisis: Revisit "World of Three Zeros

Overcoming a world economic crisis* *On April 2, 2020 this post is among the most read category @ Times Readers' Blogs https://timesofindia. warriersviews/overcoming-a- world-economic-crisis-11327/ Revisiting "A World of Three Zeros" by Nobel Peace Laurate Muhammad Yunus  M G Warrier Blog 5142 April 1, 2020

India's fight against COVID19. : Participate

Here is your chance to contribute in India's war against COVID19 Having trouble reading this email?  View it in your mobile/ web browser HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO CONTRIBUTE IN INDIA'S WAR AGAINST COVID-19! Keeping in mind the objective of dealing with any kind of emergency or distress situation, like the COVID-19 pandemic, and to provide relief to the affected, a public charitable trust under the name of  Prime Minister's Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations (PM CARES) Fund  has been set up. This fund also accepts micro-donations, as a result of which, a large number of people will be able to contribute with smallest of denominations. HOW TO CONTRIBUTE? Name of the Account:  PM CARES Account Number:  2121PM20202 IFSC Code:  SBIN0000691 SWIFT Code:  SBININBB104 Name of Bank & Branch:  State Bank of India, New Delhi Main Branch UPI ID:  pmcares@sbi You can also go to the website  and donate. Following mod

Let's put up a brave fight : Speaking Tree

 ‘Let’s put up a brave fight’ article/let-s-put-up-a-brave- fight   Open the link only if you need more reassurance and tips.  I think, as the psychologists told us yesterday, we are well-informed on the subject and are taking good care of ourselves and others. M G Warrier

Drawing from Sanchita-Punya

When past experiences come to help https://timesofindia. warriersviews/when-past- experiences-come-to-help- 11267/   I'm accessing my old scribbling pads for keeping myself engaged in the time pass I'm comfortable with. Some of us have become more busy with other more important priorities. Hope they too will occasionally mark their attendance at least to comfort some others. During the last two days I spoke to some 5 or 6 of my central RPCD (RBI) colleagues. Each one of these individuals and scores of others from the RBI family had different roles in the life's serial (which has undisclosed number of episodes) in which I continue to act different roles. Some of them, I will share here during the coming weeks. As some other TV serials will be taking a break, time will not be a constraint for you to read. M G Warrier

When days disappeared from the calendar

Why did 11 days disappear in 1752? - Lifestyle - The Augusta Chronicle - Augusta, GA https://www.augustachronicle. com/lifestyle/20190316/your- story-why-did-11-days- disappear-in-1752   On Sunday (March 29, 2020) morning I woke up at 5 30 a m and switched off the alarm. Among message alerts, I saw "An important announcement". I thought I can read it after finishing more important duties. After sitting in the bed for 90 seconds, as is the practice, proceeded to bathroom and finished up to brushing my teeth. Had some water. Time 5 50 a m. Was ready to read messages. First one was the "Important Announcement" which turned out to be a whatsapp forward which read: "For those who have forgotten... Today is Sunday!" Yes. Sometimes, day, date etc get lost in other priorities. Or become insignificant when next day is just another day. Anyway, the forward reminded an old controversy. Please open the link to know more! M G Warrier Blog

Self-improvement and self-acceptance

Between self-improvement and self-acceptance https://timesofindia. warriersviews/between-self- improvement-and-self- acceptance-11210/   Occasionally, I'll try to take diversions and record notes as if nothing has happened and the world outside is the same as when we retreated to safer spaces. This's one  M G Warrier

An appeal from the medical professionals

Please follow these tips to stay safe, stay healthy M G Warrier Recommedations from *Psychologists*. *1*. Isolate yourself from news about the virus. (Everything we need to know, we already know). *2*. Don't look out for death toll. It's not a cricket match to know the latest score. Avoid that. *3*. Don't look for additional information on the Internet, it would weaken your mental state. *4*.Avoid sending fatalistic messages. Some people don't have the same mental strength as you (Instead of helping, you could activate pathologies such as depression). *5*. If possible, listen to music at home at a pleasant volume. Look for board games to entertain children, tell stories and future plans. *6*. Maintain discipline in the home by washing your hands, putting up a sign or alarm for everyone in the house. *7*. Your positive mood will help protect your immune system, while negative thoughts have been shown to depress your immune system and make it weak aga

Saffron in Blue : A poem by Hirak D

Saffron in Blue blog/saffron-in-blue   This is a poem by Hirak D a language teacher from West Bengal. Digged out after reading his Blog at Readers' Blog, Times of India. Found interesting. M G Warrier

Cool, Hot and Swag!

What is Wrong with Baadshah’s Genda Phool? : Cool, Hot and Swag! https://timesofindia. the-keen-observer/what-is- wrong-with-baadshahs-genda- phool-11161/ Postpone reading this if you don't like to think about things different from what your mind is programmed to think about, by the inputs that have been pouring in from all around for the last few weeks. If you need a diversion, this article will help.  I read it to the last word and all comments posted so far. The writer is a language teacher by profession, born in West Bengal in 1981. The article trends at the top of "Most Read" category @ Times Readers' Blogs just now (March 30, 2020 at 6 30 a m) That's what took me to the piece. Let me know what you think. Language is terse, sharp and several words/issues  including Nirbhaya, Plagiarism, Sex, Toilet, Literature, Bollywood and Folklore appear in the article. The writer is representing a generation which is neglected by

Drig-Drishya-Viveka : An introduction to Self Knowledge

Drig-Drishya_Viveka Recently I made a mention of "Aparokshaanubhuti" by Shankaracharya. The book with 144 stanzas gives the reader a glimpse of the steps to be followed, if one wants to pursue "Self Knowledge" There's another smaller text which Achaaryas consider as a first step in one's progress towards self realization.  Using the following link we can watch an excellent introductory talk on Drig-Drishya-Viveka given to an august audience in Laus Angeles under the auspices of Shivanandashrama, few years ago:   The same link will take us to more such discourses. M G Warrier

A teenager's birthday in these tough times

A teenager's birthday immersed in Lockdown https://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2020/ mar/28/celebrating-a-birthday- in-these-tough-times-2122474. html   A father and a daughter locked in in different locations on March 28, which happens to be the 15th Birthday of the daughter. Excellent narration by CV Sukumaran. M G Warrier

Not the end of the world

On Sunday March 29, 2020 Not the End of the World T P Sreenivasan Mar 28, 2020, 11:28 PM   Though it may appear so, the present global pandemic is not going to be the end of the world, but it may mark the end of the world as we have known it so far. We faced a similar situation on 9/11 not because of the loss of life and potential danger to human life, but because the whole concept of national and global security underwent a transformation. The most powerful nations of the world realized that their military might would not guarantee their security. A few individuals, armed with nothing but knives and forks, were able to terrorize the world and the concepts of deterrent and Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) became obsolete. The world has now settled down to a new norm and 9/11 today is just a nightmare. The same will happen in the case of Covid-19, regardless of the number of deaths that may take place around the world. Not surprisingly, think tanks and stra

"War and Peace" begins at home

War and peace begin at home - A must read article opinion/open-page/war-and- peace-begin-at-home/ article31129457.ece   Good Morning  Because of the subscription restrictions, the link may not open for some of you. As print edition of The Hindu doesn't reach me (in Mumbai) these days, I don't find any other options to share the article. I wish, all of you read this article by Mini Krishnan published in the Open Page last Sunday (March 22, 2020). All those who love children must read this article. About poem, someone had said something like this: "You will enjoy a poem most, if it is written in the same way you would have written it, if you had the talent to write poetry." I would have written almost ditto, if I had the flare of writing this writer has. Touch wood. M G Warrier

Resources Management : Challenges and opportunities

https://timesofindia. warriersviews/resources- management-challenges-and- opportunities-11102/   Really finding tough to catch up with several developments on the same day even after being very selective. But responses become stale, if you delay them. When you hurry, you mess up. Yesterday was one such day. My article on Monetary Policy Boost for Economy published in the current issue of The Global ANALYST has some relevance in the context of yesterday's RBI announcements. M G Warrier

Change (for the better) is on the way!

Change is on the way! https://timesofindia. warriersviews/change-is-on- the-way-10993/   My previous blog "India responds: Agenda for next three weeks" has come in the Most Read category. Continuing the same theme, we are reassuring ourselves that change (for the better) is on the way. M G Warrier Blog 5128 March 27, 2020

Time is only one of the ingredients to make life purposeful

Free time alone is not enough to start writing- Facing the reality https://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2020/ mar/26/free-time-alone-is-not- enough-to-start-writing- 2121648.html   Touching. Dear Ashwin The world will come out of its "self-imposed" quarantine sooner than many of us think. And this planet will be a better and cleaner place to accommodate life. The only uncertainty is about the rich, powerful and the greedy. Let's hope they will also measure their needs during this period of time. And think about raising CSR from 2 percent to 20 percent or more. Otherwise, market will find its own level, as players and rules of the game will be different. Though I write, I'm not a writer. Still, you can, if you do not find anything else worthwhile to do, find me at WarriersViews @ Reader's Blog @ Times of India. Though I am not an author, I have published some books. Know more by a Google search for m g war

And people stayed home: A 1869 poem

Poem by Kathleen O'Meera        (Written in 1869)                    And People Stayed Home,' And people stayed home and read books and listened and rested and exercised and made art and played and learned new ways of being and stopped and listened deeper someone meditated someone prayed someone danced someone met their shadow and people began to think differently and people healed and in the absence of people who lived in ignorant ways, dangerous, meaningless and heartless, even the earth began to heal and when the danger ended and people found each other grieved for the dead people and they made new choices and dreamed of new visions and created new ways of life and healed the earth completely just as they were healed themselves.  Most appropriate poetry to post in these days of pandemic . Poem bespeaks of all negatives and positives in the same breath and heralds old golden days are going to be back here. *Received by email from Ex-RBite Vathsala Jayaraman

BE CALM! : Summa Iru!

                   SUMMA IRU!* Lock down for 21 days! There are two things an individual is normally engaged in; either his body is busy doing something or his mind is engaged in thinking something. Seldom does he remain, free from all distractions, as ‘being himself’. Seldom does he remain in his natural state of peace and happiness. It was Arunagirinathar who stressed the importance of being still and silent (Summa Iru). It is believed that Arunagirinathar was initiated into sainthood by Lord Muruga himself and the Upadesa given to him was “Summa Iru”. Arunagirinathar gives expression to this divine experience: “ When the Lord commanded me to remain still and silent, I could not comprehend the truth behind those great words” (Summa Iru Sollara Enralume Amma Porul Onrum Arinthilane (Kandar Anubuti 12). ‘Summa Iru’ means remaining away from the mind and body. It is the ideal state where the mind ceases to function and where the body stops making demands. When a person rema

India responds: Immediate Agenda

 India responds: Agenda for next three weeks https://timesofindia. warriersviews/india-responds- agenda-for-next-three-weeks- 10949/   I've shared a portion of the contents in earlier blogs. M G Warrier

Sane advice for Senior Citizens: From a Senior Citizen

 Senior Citizens, Protect Yourself by Practising Financial Isolation article/senior-citizens- protect-yourself-by- practising-financial- isolation/59817.html   This is informative and useful. M G Warrier

Untimely and premature : Is resurrection possible?

*An Obituary printed in the London* *Times.....Absolutely Dead Brilliant!!* 👌👌 M G Warrier Blog 5122 March 24, 2020 "Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:  - Knowing when to come in out of the rain;  - Why the early bird gets the worm;  - Life isn't always fair;  - And maybe it was my fault.  Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a tea


                             Pangram          MATHRU DEVO BHAVA -- PITHRU DEVO BHAVA - -ACHARYA DEVO BHAVA-ADHITHI DEVO BHAVA ASATHO MAA  SATHGAMAYA   -THAMASOMAA  JYOTHIR GAMAYA - MRUTHYUR MAA AMRUTHAM GAMAYA   Many know this pangram in English  "THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG". This sentence has all the letters of English alphabet.But in Sanskrit a pangram in alphabetical order. It is wonderful. कः खगौघाङचिच्छौजा झाञ्ज्ञोऽटौठीडडण्ढणः। तथोदधीन् पफर्बाभीर्मयोऽरिल्वाशिषां सहः। Meaning Who is he, the lover of birds, pure in intelligence, expert in stealing the strength of others, leader among the destroyers of the enemies, the steadfast, the fearless, the one who filled the ocean? He is the king Maya, the repository of the blessings that can destroy the foe *Received from my friend Ngadto M G Warrier 22

World TB Day 2020: World Outside my room

World TB Day, 2020 worldtbday/default.htm   Every year March 24 is observed as World TB Day. The above link will take us to the theme for TB Day 2020 and the present status of world's fight against the disease. The link below is the first person account of women's contribution in the control of TB by creating awareness and helping in post-recovery rehabilitation of TB-Survivors.  Spare a few minutes to know the efforts a silent majority in the world outside is taking to support our survival by remaining themselves healthy and helping others to solve their health issues. One hopes, the present chaos will serve the purpose of creating awareness about real problems before the present generation, which have become monstrous thanks to inept handling of resources and manpower by the rich and the powerful who own and control governance world over. M G Warrier How women lead  the fight against TB- A first person account  https://ww

First Class on Self-realization, LA, 2016

 First class on Self Realization, Los Angeles, 2016. Friends After introducing Aparokshaanubhuti via mail, blog etc. I was searching for something more insightful on the subject. If you have not listened to this introductory to Aparokshaanubhuti, open this link when you have an hour to spare and listen till the last word. It's contextual than spiritual on March 23, 2020 M G Warrier

Vasudeva Kudumbakam

Vasudeva Kudumbakam Interesting thoughts M G Warrier Blog 5118 March 23, 2020 THE TIMES OF INDIA Dear Reader, Your comment on the article  '  Vasudeva Kutumbakam - When corona taught us to think as "We" and not "I" '  is now live on readersblog . '  really profound thoughts. let\'s gainfully spend the time supporting and helping each other. each one of can creatively contribute. break the chain of negative thoughts now and here. promise yourself that you\'ll not think express or share negativism. engage in some activity that will not harm others. for the aged and the immobile, it could even be introspection. if interested, see my blog here captioned \"communication with self\" ' To reply to this comment , or see the whole conversation,  click here . Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Regards, Team TOI

Tips from WHO : Let's note

Five things to help stop the spread of coronavirus / Twitter 1239712380373708800   Tips from WHO Let's take note M G Warrier

Aparokshaanubhuthi: Understanding Self

Aparokshanubhuti Aparokshanubhuti/ aparokshanubhuti_05.html Communication with self M G Warrier Communication is the most easy and the most difficult art we learn during our lives. From the first cry of the new-born child to the "communication with God" god-men  and spiritual leaders talk about, there exist a variety of different methods and languages of communication. As communication with God may be incomprehensible for some and confusing for others, let us substitute "SELF" for God.  The whole scenario changes. For advanced learning on the subject, a small text titled "Aparokshaanubhuthi" (144 stanzas in Sanskrit) attributed to Adi Shankaracharya is available. Treatises like Aparokshanubhuti (which roughly translates to "Self Realization), aim at serving as introductions to a more advanced study of a system of philosophy.                    ****.    ****.    ****

This Blog Is Popular!: 12th Year of Blogging

Good Morning Jyotirgamayah On September 29, 2008 my daughter Reshmy helped me to start my own Blog, now accessible by a click @* The above link will take us to my , Blog post "Jyotirgamayah" My friend Badri reminds me every day about my first blog, as he quotes the entire stanza in which "Jyotirgamayah" appears in each of his mail. I'm happy, many are reading what I write. I received the response** copied below from N J Ravi Chander: "Mr. Warrier, Your articles always ooze class and I like reading them. You are certainly a notch above many writers, including me. ***.  *** Warm regards. N J Ravi Chander" *The response was to the following forward from me: Inspired by your story 😊 M G Warrier Blog 5115 March 22, 2020 **This blog had 441

Concepts of God and Prayer

Concepts of God and Prayer https://timesofindia. warriersviews/concepts-of-god- and-prayer-10725/ This is a resume of ideas already shared in group mails Also read online comments M G Warrier Blog 5114 March 20, 2020

It rains because...

Good Samaritan on the train to Chennai- It rains because... https://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2020/ mar/20/good-samaritan-on-the- train-to-chennai-2119151.html   Good Morning  Yesterday in his address to the nation, Prime Minister made an appeal to all of us to look out of the windows, or from the balconies at 5 p m on Sunday March 22, 2020 and clap in recognition and appreciation of the services provided by several individuals risking their own health and safety, life and families to keep us happy, healthy and alive. Similar synchronized gesture of Thanksgiving happened in Spain and Italy in recent days. Gayatri in this story beautifully narrates how a "lost" ring was restored to Ravichander (her uncle) miraculously by a good Samaritan. Her aunt made a statement about the secret of survival of "Prapancham" (Universe). Open the link and read on... M G Warrier

Thursday: A song by Jess Glynne

Thursday: A song by Jess Glynne This is to relax after the previous post (5111) on prayer and the chaos world is going through today:   Somehow I feel this song defines my thoughts today. I really don't know why. I'm also reading this poem today for the first time. Sometimes some strange things get connected. This is one such moment. From tomorrow, I'll try to be serious about life. Promise is "will try"! M G Warrier Blog 5112 March 19, 2020

A Prayer's Power

A Prayer 's Power* article/a-prayers-power Recently someone raised this doubt: "Is there a direct relationship between faith in God and prayer?" This article may help find an answer. In the context of the Sabarimala controversy in Kerala, I tried to put together an article about the concept of God as explained by founders of Marxism. My case was that they didn't endorse or deny the idea of God. My article didn't get any takers. The society had split into believers and non-believers and media houses didn't want to take risk. In one sentence, Marxism originally promoted the idea of Church not interfering in governance and governments keeping an arms length relationship (now you know what it is, thanks to the present situation) with Church. Prayer, like God, is conceptually person-specific. As a child I have gone to temples and prayed. In fact during my school days I was staying inside a temple. All through my life

Impact of COVID 19

Impact of COVID 19 https://timesofindia. aryasblog/impact-of-covid-19- 10637/   Posted online comments* M G Warrier *Copied below:   THE TIMES OF INDIA   '  Impact of COVID 19 ' readersblog . Online comments by M G Warrier: '  interesting observations. the writer and those who have recorded online comments on this and a couple of other posts here on covid19 have expressed concern about the adequacy of public awareness, preventive measures and the impact on economy and common man\'s life, if total control on the deadly virus further eludes. in india, despite several unmanageable factors like density of population, geography, low literacy level and so on, government machinery has risen to the occasion and medical profession has been more than supportive. let us hope and pray tomorrow will be a brighter day and this threat will not last beyond a fortnight from today. ' M G Warrier

Life after COVID 19

M G Warrier    My response* to the BS editorial of March 16, 2020                             March 16, 2020 Life after COVID-19 This refers to your editorial “Policy after COVID-19” (Business Standard, March 16). The editorial has briefly yet comprehensively covered the possible impact of the unexpected disruption caused to the economy in general and the financial sector in particular by sudden arrival of the virus on the scene. As GOI and RBI are in constant dialogue on fiscal and monetary policy issues, joint effort to ensure professional management of savings and credit related aspects mentioned in the editorial can be expected. The same harmony need to be maintained in coordinating healthcare management as well as procurement and maintenance of uninterrupted supply of articles of daily need including medicines at ground level. Here the task is going to be strenuous for government as numerous government departments and private agencies are involved. Needl

AUM explained

Four States In The Mandukya Upanishad article/four-states-in-the- mandukya-upanishad AUM the Pranava explained In which "state" is the world at present? M G Warrier

Rajya Sabha nomination

Ex-CJI Ranjan Gogoi’s Rajya Sabha Nomination Not Unprecedented india/ex-cji-ranjan-gogois- rajya-sabha-nomination-not- unprecedented-but-brief- cooling-off-period-raises- eyebrows-2539967.html   M G Warrier

Krishna Menon : Back in news

No Individual Has Been Wronged By History More Than VK Krishna Menon | Youth Ki Awaaz 2018/11/vk-krishna-menon-the- man-of-his-century/   Suggested reading along with recent biography of VKK Menon by Jairam Ramesh and the reviews. M G Warrier

V K Krishna Menon

Krishna Menon Memorial Museum - etched in history | Glimpses of Kerala | Kozhikkode - cultural destinations | Museums | Getting Around Kerala | Kozhikode | Kerala Culture | Essential Kerala | Temples in Kerala | Churches in Kerala | Mosques in Kerala | Religious places in Kerala | Cultural destinations in Kerala https://travel.manoramaonline. com/travel/essential-kerala/a- museum-etched-in-history.html   V K Krishna Menon is back in news. This time through a book on him by Jairam Ramesh. Menon didn't get the attention he deserved when he walked around through the length and breadth of this country without any bodyguards and even after his departure.  If still he provides inputs for new books in 2020's, better try to understand his life and times. M G Warrier Blog 5105 March 15, 2020