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Kejriwal is second IIT graduate to become CM | Business Line

Kejriwal is second IIT graduate to become CM | Business Line This report should be an eye opener for those who blame politicians as a class. In the initial days of independence,  India had a sprinkling of the 'educated' from all professions, because of the massive participation of educated and well off middle class Indians in the independence movement. Till the India Against Corruption movement, last few decades, we saw the domination of 'family politics' and generally, those families which did not have a political background did not opt politics as a career for their children. The present post-AAP change is welcome. M G Warrier

‘We won’t erode foreign investors’ returns’ | Business Line

‘We won’t erode foreign investors’ returns’ | Business Line

Choosing death over life - The Hindu

Choosing death over life - The Hindu My view: PEDESTRIAN APATHY OR THE HABIT OF IGNORING REALITIES SO LONG AS THEY DO NOT AFFECT YOUR IMMEDIATE STEP IS MORE PROMINENT AMONG THOSE WHO ARE RELATIVELY LUCKY. LET US NOT FORGET THAT OUR LUCK CAN ALSO DISAPPEAR AT ANY TIME. AND Online comments: Many thanks Dr Achal Bhagat and Team Hindu for the effort to create awareness about a category of people who live among us in constant fear of life and death (the previous article by T R Andharjuna about the agony of awaiting death was equally excellent). In many cases, it is the sane people who are responsible for creating or aggravating situations in which individuals behave abnormally or commit crimes including attempt to kill self or fellow human beings. from:  M G WARRIER Posted on: Jan 31, 2014 at 14:28 IST


The Global ANALYST, February 2014 APOLITICAL Needed AAP-style School of Politics! M G Warrier, Former General Manager, Reserve Bank of India E veryone who has a pen   is writing about the ‘broom’ and   its impact on India Growth Story. I did not want to be the odd man out. More than that, it is time to use the seive simultaneously with the broom. The message sent out by AAP from Delhi is being deciphered by different people in different ways. Naturally, the responses have been diverse. From Rahul Gandhi’s observation - ‘Congress has to learn a lot from AAP’ - to N R Narayana Murthy who said, ‘What Arvind (Kejriwal) has done is that he has redefined what is possible’, though also adding that he would still ‘Bat for Nilekani’ -the politically and financially wise who responded to the AAP challenge did not leave the Aam Aadmi wiser by their responses. But their quick comments and the current media discussions about the f

Aadhaar & LPG: Cabinet puts subsidy transfer scheme on hold; raises subsidised LPG cylinder cap to 12 - Moneylife

Aadhaar & LPG: Cabinet puts subsidy transfer scheme on hold; raises subsidised LPG cylinder cap to 12 - Moneylife Online comments posted on January 30, 2014: Putting on hold implementation of subsidy-transfer to Aadhar-linked bank accounts and promise to supply additional two LPG cylinders during 2013-14 at subsidised price make good news for aam aadmi and may boost the morale of supporters of UPA Government. Ask someone who is booking an LPG cylinder about what is happening at the ground level. The front desk at the gas agency will continue to insist on AADHAAR Card and ask you to confirm that you have AADHAAR-linked your bank account to which subsidy is to be credited. This report also does not bring clarity as to the alternative route for providing subsidy.  M G WARRIER

Anarchist or activist? - The Hindu

Anarchist or activist? - The Hindu My views: For my views on some of the issues covered here, please read my article on AAP published on page 58 of The Global ANALYST, February 2014. For direct access see post "SCHOOL OF POLITICS"(January 30, 2014) here. M G Warrier 

The agony of awaiting death - The Hindu

The agony of awaiting death - The Hindu My view: One is reminded of the Apex Court observation that “A punishment which is too cruel or torture-some is unconstitutional”(Inderjeet vs State of Uttar Pradesh, 1979). At a time when every crime and every punishment is ‘celebrated’ by many political parties and a section of the media, sane voices like this is a rarity which one look forward to confirm that still there is hope for those who trust in rule of law. When almost three-fourth of the nations can abolish death penalty, one hopes India will also follow suit, at some poit of time. The prevailing uncertainty about the rights and wrongs about death penalty could be one of the underlying reasons for the hesitance on the part of the executive in acting fast and occasionally, the bench and the bar getting confused about the quantum of punishment where the crime per se deserves the highest possible penalty. Writers of Article 21 of the Constitution would not have anticipated the p

Letters to the Editor - Moneylife

Letters to the Editor - Moneylife resistance to transparency This is with regard to “ CAG can audit private telco’s accounts says Delhi High Court”. If the cardinal principle of financial management that sources and uses of funds should be subject to prudent accounting when money is collected from public is still valid, contesting the right to audit by those vested with that responsibility doesn’t stand reason. What baffles the common man is the resistance to transparency in accounting, whether it is gold or money or any other assets. ‘Public funds’ will have to be accounted in a transparent manner and should be subject to scrutiny. MG Warrier