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Kannamkulam Illam: My father's ancestral house, Part II

Kannamkulam Illam:  My father's ancestral house Part II* My first visit to Illam I might have been taken to Kannamkulam Illam earlier also. But the first visit I remember was in 1953/4. I was 9 years old. My sister and I were staying inside the temple with our father, nearer to our school which was some 8 km away from our maternal ancestral house where our mother and other sisters were staying. During weekends my sister and I used to be with our mother. Saturday and Sunday, I used to be sent to a nearby temple for ‘duty’ ( Kazhakam, which involved lighting outside lamps, some cleaning, holding a lamp during ‘ Seeveli’ etc. My father’s nephew (brother’s son) was the “ Shantikkaran”(Pujari ) in that temple. After temple duties, I used to stay overnight in that brother’s house and return early next morning. One Saturday evening when I reached the temple, there was a substitute ‘ Pujari’ . I was told my brother had left for Illam on receipt of some message. Next

A Dream comes true

Ayushmaan Bharat opinion/interview/healthcare- costs-should-not-financially- destroy-families/ article25301992.ece For me this is a partial realization of an old dream. To know more, open the following link to read my 2013 article on Universal Healthcare (Included as a chapter in my book “Banking, Reforms & Corruption” published in 2014 (Sampark, Kolkatta): eBook version titled “Chasing Inclusive Growth” available @ Amazon) ttps:// article/universal-healthcare- when-will-the-government-act/ 30971.html This is a 2013 article which finds a place in my 2014 book, "Banking, Reforms and Corruption" (eBook version "Chasing Inclusive Growth" available 2 Amazon) Sharing in the context of "Ayushman Bharat". See interview on Ayushman Bharat above. Modi and I think on the same lines M G Warrier

Inequality Revisited

Richest 10% of Indians own over 3/4th of wealth in India - Livemint Money/iH2aBEUDpG06hM78diSSEJ/ Richest-10-of-Indians-own- over-34th-of-wealth-in-India. html Welcome improvement in IT compliance https://www. economy/number-of-taxpayers- disclosing-income-over-1-cr- rises-60-in-3-years-cbdt/ article25289616.ece M G Warrier

Good Company society/faith/good-company/ article25289460.ece GOOD COMPANY Try to own some shares in this company. Good investment which will start giving dividend from Day One. M G Warrier

Viral Acharya on Prompt Corrective Action and Stressed Assets com/article/finance/banks-and- issue-of-stressed-assets-why- prompt-corrective-action-is-a- must-118102000644_1.html About overcapitalized and under-capitalized banks with stressed assets. Excerpts from RBI Deputy Governor Viral Acharya's speech at IIT (Business Standard, October 21, 2018) M G Warrier

Manu S Pillai on Sabarimala controversy Leisure/ WBOzF7tMn27vz5Vg0JmmtM/A-leap- of-faith-at-Sabarimala.html SABARIMALA CONTROVERSY Manu S Pillai who may be still in his twenties or early thirties has done some good research before finalizing Ivory Throne. He could explain, somewhat convincingly, the background of family/group rivalries in Malabar area which have received political colors in recent times. M G Warrier

Matchmaker : By Dr Tiny Nair opinion/open-page/the- matchmaker/article25273762. ece#comments_25273762 Matchmaker By Dr Tiny Nair (The Hindu Open Page, October 21, 2018) Do read this article to know more about astrology and also about Dr Tiny Nair, author of "Happy at Heart" M G Warrier

Ask for the Moon: And wait for 2020 could-launch-artificial-moon- by-2020-state-media-says/ 8211539879464/?tt=5 Ask for the moon. And wait till 2020. M G Warrier

Y V Reddy on Deena Khatkate article/opinion/columns/my- mentor-deena-khatkhate- scholar-economist-passed-away- 5390937/ An interesting piece on Deena Khatkate (who passed away recently)  by Dr Y V Reddy M G Warrier

Kannamkulam Illam: My father's ancestral house, Part I

Kannamkulam Illam:  My father's ancestral house  Part I I have seen only my maternal grandfather. My father was still a child when he lost his father. My maternal grandfather passed away when I was in primary school. He was my paternal grandfather's younger brother. Later in life, I figured it out that they were half-brothers. Sankaran Namboodiri (my father's father) and Narayanan Namboothiri (my maternal grandfather) were children of Govindan Namboothiri of Kannamkulam Illam (Payyanur (in old Malabar District of Madras state) in Kerala. Govindan Namboothiri married Narayanan Namboothiri's mother after Sankaran Namboothiri's mother died. The present Kannamkulam Illam was constructed circa 1880's. One of the present occupants of the Illam made this estimate of the period of construction from the year of manufacture embossed by Basel Mission Tiles Company on the roofing tiles. A strong two -storey traditional "Nalukettu" building, the Illam

Retaining rich heritage society/in-ladakhs-turtuk- village-life-goes-on-as-it- has-since-the-15th-century/ article25202192.ece#comments_ 25202192 RETAINING RICH HERITAGE Articles like this give a feel of the place visited by the writer. We feel somewhat uncomfortable for not caring about our own rich heritage. The innocence of the village folk and the growing awareness among them about environment protection give a soothing feeling about the future M G Warrier

Life as it comes opinion/open-page/life-as-it- comes/article25215839.ece# comments_25215839 LIFE AS IT COMES "I would have loved to write this article myself. Now that this is in print, I'll preserve a copy and read again and again" M G Warrier

Army reforms

Army reforms This refers to the report “Army okays reforms to ‘right-size’ force” (Business Standard, October 14). Though such reforms may be matters internal to the concerned organizations, one genuinely feels that a little more publicity about measures like this would help improve the public trust in organizations like this. While making this observation, I have in mind the recent report in this paper on the Accountant Generals’ Conference convened by CAG (again a once-in-two year forum). Perhaps, time is opportune for all government and public sector organizations in India to take up serious In-house studies about enhancing operational and functional efficiency, optimizing budget expenditure, facilitating modernization and addressing aspirations. Restructuring officers’ cadre, aligning remuneration packages and career progression to market realities, redesigning the age profile at higher levels are all issues needing immediate attention in public sector organizations in In

Cost concerns about DeMo, 2016

Cost and effect of DeMo This refers to Shishir Sinha’s interesting report “RBI won’t say how much it cost to collect, destroy DeMo notes” (TheHindu Business Line, BL Exclusive, October 11). Just as Hotel Taj will not be able to give accurate information, if one asks the details of cost of inputs, expenditure incurred on value addition, income from sales and profit/loss on making and selling rotis during a particular period, for RBI, it would not be easy to give the details in respect of DeMo, in the ‘format’ desired by the RTI applicant (Business Line in this case). Some information relevant in this context, excerpted from the “Table XII.10 Expenditure” of RBI Annual Report 2017-18 (Page 227) is given in the following table: Expenditure (Rupees crores) Details 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 ii Employees cost 4058 4477 4621 3848 iv Printing of notes 3762 3421 7965 4912 v

Aloneness Vs Loneliness: The Speaking Tree I'm not an OSHO fan. I respect OSHO, JK, Sai Baba, Matha Amruthanandamayi and few others for their ability to retain thousands around them. Respect is not the correct word. M G Warrier

Gold Management and RBI: The Global ANALYST

Article published in the October 2018 issue of The Global ANALYST (A Business & Finance Magazine from ICFAI) GOLD* Central Bank is Back to Saying “I’m Lovin’ It” M G Warrier “As a macroeconomist, I uphold the view that integrating gold with India’s broader economic vision is the touchstone for India’s gold policy and gold markets. The foremost is adopting ‘Make in India’ policy which should address unexplored gold stocks below the ground, optimal use of gold stocks in circulation, and mobilize gold holdings held by individuals in lockers and temples.” -Errol D’Souza, Director, IIM, Ahmedabad The caption of this article is just an expression of a pious wish, but the prayers of 99 percent Indians who do not own more than 20 grams of gold per family are behind me, to make it happen. Perhaps India may be alone in the world to sustain the dubious distinction of grossly mismanaging an asset (read gold) the country has been holding for centuries in huge quanti

Gender Equality com/article/opinion/letter-to- bs-gender-equality-in-parl-a- noble-goal-but-a-distant- dream-118082100011_1.html Please share M G Warrier