Warrier's Collage May 23, 2022

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Monday May 23, 2022 1) Vishnu Sahasranamam (M S Subbulakshmi) 2) Music from Nature 3) Bird Song Opera* *Shared by K Balasubramanian, Coimbatore with this note : "The participation of 60 species of birds in this digital performance is impressive! At the end, at the height of the melody (Papageno-Papagena / the Magic Flute) the noise of the birds synchronized with Mozart's opera is spectacular! And to think that a job of this magnitude, published on YouTube in September 2020, which took months of an entire team and edited by the composer, producer and writer Volker Pannes ended in just 03 wonderful minutes. It is worth." Good Morning 🙏 Nice Day M G Warrier A V Babusenan's Column : About bad food Legend says that Vararuchi, the famous astronomer-cum-grammarian, who was one of the nine gems in Vikramaditya's court, visited Kera

Warrier's Collage May 22, 2022

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Sunday May 22, 2022 Maya : Sarvapriyananda (What's Maya? Good Morning 🙏 Happy Birthday to all readers having Birthday during the week ending Saturday May 28, 2022. Best Wishes and Ayurarogyasaukhyam to all. Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai The biographical notes of Shri Babusenan are quite interesting. He should receive Life time achievement Award for having written around a dozen books while many others would not have even read a few books. He has inter alia dealt with problems of perception in pension related issues. An open minded article of great value! 2) Jyothilakshmi Anil Your suggestion on expanding the Rubber meet to a more wider and crucial participation, is of great value. (Business Line didn't publish my response. Shared my views with Dhanam Magazine Kochi-M G Warr

Warrier's Collage May 21, 2022

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Saturday May 21, 2022 Entertainment Good Morning 🙏 Nice Day M G Warrier A Kaliyamardhanam : Malayalam Poem by Sugathakumari (Sugathakumari : 1934-2020 : The ingenious acquaintances she forged amid her richly diverse poetry, commitment to nature and culture and the profound determination in her fight for gender justice, ecological sustainability, the rights of children and the destitute lot were all amazing. Her devotion to poems was as important as her resolution to stay firm on myriad issues of environment, justice and rights.) B V Babusenan's Column Post-Retirement Life Again the itch for being auto biographical has caught hold of me. I now feel convinced that this tendency to bore obliging readers increases with advancing age. I

Warrier's Collage May 20, 2022 : Relax

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Friday May 20, 2022 1) Relax (Music...) 2) Bougainvillas 3) Papanashini, Thirunelli Waynad ( Prize-winning Painting by Paediatrician Dr Kishore. Shared by T V Surendran Mananthavady. See E1) Good Morning 🙏 Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) T N C Rangarajan Employee mistake reminded me of a story. A worker at a site digging an oil well dropped his spanner into the narrow well and blocked further operations. So the company spent a million retrieving the spanner and the boss handed it over to him and said: Here is your spanner. You're fired! The worker said In that case I don't need it and threw it into the well!! 2) S W Fadnawis Pune All the writings on the subjects of retirement and death make an interesting reading. Coming from eminent personalities, it gives deep insight into the subject. While on the subject

Warrier's Collage May 19, 2022

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Thursday May 19, 2022 Underwater plants (Know more : Good Morning 🙏 Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) Dr D Subbarao Former Governor RBI Thank you for directing me to your reflections on old age, retirement living and preparing for departure. I can associate with much of what you say because these thoughts come to my mind too, indeed more frequently than I ever thought possible. As you say, it's practical and pragmatic to think about these issues and indeed plan for them without being unduly sentimental. We owe it to our children to make the adjustment to our going away easy for them. You mentioned several options for coping with single living in old age. One option you missed out is reverse mortgage**. Late Dr KCC who was DG when I was in the RBI was the moving force in instituting this scheme in Indian banks. It's somehow not ca

Warrier's Collage May 18, 2022 : Post-Retirement Life

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Wednesday May 18, 2022 Kalamezhuthum Pattum (Malayalam) (Know more : 2) Dog's Life Good Morning 🙏 Nice Day M G Warrier A 1) Reshmy Warrier Shared a Video (While in College (1959-63), I had a squirrel as pet for about one year. One day morning, it went out, as usual, and didn't return in the evening that day. Few days, we thought he may come back. He was fine when we saw him last. Probably, he joined his friends : Warrier) 2) T N C Rangarajan Re: owner / tenant Off at a tangent as usual, I am thinking of the necessity of living as a tenant. When an elderly couple live alone, and one has to become a survivor one day, they are compelled to relocate as the survivor cannot live in that house without support. This trauma is worse than losing the companion. It is also hard to sell a

Warrier's Collage May 17, 2022 : Wildlife

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Tuesday May 17, 2022 1) Wild Life Sanctuaries 2) Aranya Kanda : Ramayana 3) Kaikottikkali (Malayalam) (Link Courtesy : K N Rajan Kochi) Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) T N C Rangarajan Shared a link relating to Self-publishing : (My books were published by KDP and Notion Press.-Warrier) 2) Dr Prabha Ramadurai Shared a Video : "I never knew" 3) Media Response Dr T V Gopalakrishnan and S K Gupta respond in The Hindu Business Line : 4) M G Warrier Rekindling old memories : Y