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M G Warrier                               My VIEW: September 28, 2018 Historic judgments   Controversies notwithstanding, outgoing Chief Justice Dipak Misra will have a distinguished place in India’s legislative, legal and judicial history. Not just for having pronounced maximum judgments during the last lap of the tenure, or for having dictated the maximum number of words having an impact on the lives of maximum Indians, during the last week of his presence in the Apex Court. The judgments he pronounced during September 2018 covered matters relating to rituals, conflicts and controversies and identity and relationship issues beyond sectorial boundaries and spreading over several centuries. CJI who will be passing on the baton to his successor this week worked under enormous pressure emanating from political and work-related situations which were not of his making. By and large, he handled the job on hand elegantly and avoided himself becoming controversial before the pub

Sharat and Ramakrishnan, a successful entrepreneur and a dedicated social worker

Sharat and Ramakrishnan special-pages/consilium- middle-east-fzc/ Sharat Please open the link to know about one of the many successful Indians abroad. Sharat’s parents are from Kerala. His father left Kerala at a young age, to join Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Bangalore. Later he worked for long years in HAL, Ozhar, Nashik where he settled after retirement. Sharat had his education in Maharashtra (A degree in Engineering and an MBA). After working in Mumbai for a short spell (during which period we came to know each other little closer, beyond our relationship) he migrated to Gulf countries. The link above opens to his success story. Best wishes to him and his family. Ramakrishnan Ramakrishnan came to Mumbai from Kerala in search of employment during early 1990's. From small beginnings, the determination to work hard took him to higher levels in business. He started 'charity from home', by bringing his brothers and

How to Live

A Primer on How to Live opinion/open-page/a-primer-on- how-to-live/article24360847. ece

A Poem on Waiting

A Poem On Waiting

Vishwanathan Anand : The Hindu Wednesday Interview

Vishwanathan Anand : The Hindu Interview opinion/interview/im-proud- that-i-could-make-a- difference-to-chess-in-my- country/article25040852.ece
The Hindu Reader’s Editor opinion/Readers-Editor/the- headline-conundrum/ article25021826.ece I enjoy reading Reader's Editor's column in The Hindu. We learn new things and also understand the constraints in which journalists work.     M G Warrier

Warrier's Blog : Accessibility restored

Today, one of my followers informed me that the links copied here are not directly accessible. There was a technical reason for that which is getting rectified from today. Thanks for your continued support and patronage. M G Warrier

A reality check for those who "enjoyed" Kerala floods tech/energy-and-environment/ too-many-indian-cities-flood- every-monsoon/article24994808. ece Managing floods in Indian cities

A writer's perception of post-retirement life! opinion/open-page/60-may-be- the-new-40-but-its-not-all- bliss/article25016506.ece Looks this is based on the writer's experience only. Generalization is far-fetched! M G Warrier

Opposition's role in parliamentary democracy

September 23, 2018 Opposition’s Role in Parliamentary Democracy This refers to the report “No role in choice of offset partner: govt.” (The Hindu, September 23, 2018). This response is not about the ‘Rafale fighter deal’, though the immediate reference is to the controversy emanating from the reports about that deal. The sweeping remark “It is up to the Prime Minister of India to clear his name. We are absolutely convinced that the Prime Minister is corrupt” attributed to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and the counter from Union Minister Ravishankar Prasad which contains a direct personal attack on Rahul Gandhi do not make the common man wiser. Rahul Gandhi, on his part, instead of getting on the job of the ‘opposition’, which is to expose the ‘corruption charges’ which he bases mainly on a statement made by former French President, leaves it again to the central government to form a ‘joint parliamentary committee’ to look into the matter. We are paying the price for having s

Light of wisdom :: The Hindu Faith Column

One more book on Mahatma Gandhi by Guha

Icon worship Please use this link to read my letter on "Icon worship" M G Warrier

Shrunken icons M G Warrier                               September 21, 2018 Icon worship This refers to Venky Vembu’s piece “Shrunken icons” (HBL, Views Room, September 21). The world over today, dependence on individual leadership is getting more and more promoted, reminiscent of the earlier centuries when kings and dictators decided the fates of populations in their respective geographies. Icon or celebrity status for talented individuals who have made a mark in their field of expertise does not affect society adversely. But the ‘wild’ growth of such individuals, preventing succession plans or creating an aura around them which camouflages their real identity can become a social problem. The syndrome of ‘active’ leaders and ‘idle’ followers can do more harm than good in any field. Dependence on a single leader for winning elections, focus on a single artist for the success

A book on Devadasis todays-paper/tp-features/tp- fridayreview/the-legacy-of-a- devadasi/article25002919.ece

Physician on the Hills :: The Hindu society/history-and-culture/ temple-in-honour-of-sages/ article24995472.ece I stayed inside a Siva Temple during my school days (1952-59) M G Warrier

Remove veil of ignorance society/faith/true-devotion/ article24987832.ece The Hindu Faith Column True Devotion

Poetry quotes

Saving rivers :: The Hindu editorial

An unusual life :: A 2007 article on Krishna Menon

Krishna 4 Today By Keshav, 18092018 Keshav's "Krishna 4 2De", September 18, 2018

Bank merger, a right initiative com/article/finance/nothing- is-sacred-as-india-s-central- bank-cleans-up-the-financial- sector-118092000201_1.html Urjit Patel acts on concerns expressed by Raghuram Rajan. RBI doesn't need autonomy. India's central bank needs a Top Management which knows RBI M G Warrier

Merger of BoB, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank

Revamp Higher Education Policy Time to change the way we handle higher education M G Warrier

Cost of handling NCD :: Aayushmaan Bhava In US a cardiac surgery costs $50,000 In India $3000 to $4000 Relevance of investing more on healthcare M G Warrier

Inscrutable is the creation :: The Hindu Faith Column

GSTC :: Why God should save any country? Posted online comments M G Warrier

A Book of Arts @₹5k

That old pull from Peshawar :: P M Warrier opinion/open-page/that-old- pull-from-peshawar/ article7699251.ece Found interesting M G Warrier

There are no victims

Do You Want God To Be Too Good? Do We Need, God To Be Good... OR Do We Need God, To Be Good... "It's your comma, put wherever you like😊 M G Warrier

Frontline :: Review of a book written by A Vasudevan and Partha Ray

M G Warrier's books at Amazon If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, download my book Scrambled Monologues free. If you are not in member yet, and dontd want to buy books now, download samples free and feel the books!😊 M G Warrier

Krishna... Krishna...

Framing the Frontier City :: BLink

Engineers Day 2018

Credit rating- New perspectives :: Business Standard

Vinayaka :: By Keshav (The Hindu)

More questions on 21st Century Media

Symbolism of the spear :: The Hindu Faith Column

Met FM before leaving India; offered to settle matters with banks: Mallya

Met FM before leaving India; offered to settle matters with banks: Mallya : A source close to Mallya told Business Standard he had the date and place of the claimed meeting... M G Warrier                               September 13, 2018 Another view This refers to Ashis Ray’s report “Met FM before leaving India: Mallya” (BS, September 13). It is amusing to see the media falling into the controversy trap being planted by vested interests to divert attention from relevant issues. Memories, sometimes haunt us, at wrong occasions. Post-1947, UK and US and world bodies controlled by them and their allies were very friendly with India when they felt that we are able to manage our affairs on our own and kept a safe distance when we needed their support most. Giving a red carpet welcome to an Indian citizen after denying him a Visa for almost a decade and giving asylum to the rich ones "wanted" in India, by UK need to be seen in this background. Let us remember, interpretation of

Why Ganga is called Jahnavi? :: Speaking Tree Answers, one by one! M G Warrier

No major industries in Kerala :: Floods affect industries! People seldom acknowledged Kerala supported industries...

Weather predictions and preventive measures See how natural calamity is prevented in US M G Warrier 

Kerala floods:: What experts say

Kerala will re-emerge as "God's Own Country" Kerala's Optimism Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is optimistic and confident of rebuilding a better Kerala, post-floods. M G Warrier

Thoughts on a Teachers' Day :: The Hindu Open Page Posted online comments M G Warrier

Krishna Deepa :: Painting by Keshav

Real life is stranger than fiction

Rakesh Mohan on Atal and Reforms

Sunita Narain on God's Own Country

Post Office to do much more than Post Office Job!

Pranab Da to teach at IIMA IIMA initiative This refers to Vinay Umarji’s report “Professor Pranab to debut at IIM” (September 9). IIMA has a tradition of promoting serious studies which support current research needs in grassroots level economic development.  It is heartening to see that the institution has taken a refreshing initiative that will lead to the professionalization of bureaucracy and political leadership at the highest level, in due course. GOI, state governments, and political parties should help IIMA in quickly disseminating the benefit of these efforts to focus on the ‘role of public policy in inclusive development’ by sponsoring students and recruiting students who complete the course successfully at appropriate levels in the system. Time is opportune for political parties to go for large-scale campus recruitment to support their cadres

No Mud, No Lotus :: Not Politics

A meal for the mind :: The Hindu Open Page


Krishnapremi :; Painting by Keshav (The Hindu)

Someone had warned about floods in 50/100 years

Muhammed Yunus on social business licence

Evolution of life :: The Hindu faith column The relationship between the body and the soul, purpose of life, what happens after death are all issues debated from time immemorial and a consensus is not in sight. But any explanation will help us think better M G Warrier

Gitacharya : Painting by Keshav

RBI's gold purchase Welcome move.Posted online comments M G Warrier

Reviving Kerala :: Shiv Vishwanathan This lead article in The Hindu dated August 28, 2018 could be a background note for Kerala's post-flood revival plan M G Warrier

Bureaucratic blame game

News :: Economic Times

Keshav's paintings :: Radha Maala

Book Review :: Old man and the sea

About 1% exploiting the balance 99%

Complicated Relationships

Discovering Retired Life! The Hindu Open Page article

Age-old problem :: Awaiting solutions Seven years old article. Things have not changed M G Warrier

The challenges of growing old : Malini Goyal Interesting article. Well-researched, balance views M G Warrier

Who saw "full" Vishwaroopam ?