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Kerala formation day

Sulaiman's work- my dream mausoleum: GOD'S OWN COUNTRY-KERALA (POEM) http://sulaimansait.blogspot. com/2013/12/gods-own-country- kerala-poem.html?m=1   November 1, 2019 Kerala celebrating formation day. God bless God's Own Country. M G Warrier

Rose garden , Ooty

A write-up and accompanying snaps received from my friend Shri P P Ramachandran, Mumbai M G Warrier                             Flowers of Ooty The Government Rose Garden is situated on the slopes of the Elk Hill in Vijayanagaram of  Ooty  town  and was opened  to commemorate the Centenary Flower Show in May 1995. The flowers are arranged in five curving terraces covering four hectares. The garden is maintained by the Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department. Ooty has a unique tropical mountain climate, hence the garden has the ideal climatic conditions for growing roses. The Government Rose Garden located in the heart of Ooty is one of the largest rose gardens in India and also a popular tourist attraction. The beautiful garden is spread across 10 acres of land and houses some of the largest collections of roses in the country including miniature roses, hybrid tea roses, floribunda, ramblers, black and green roses and many other unique varieties. The Rose Garden is not onl

Agnimeele Purohitham : First recording on Gramaphone

'His Masters Voice' (HMV) had once published a pamphlet giving the history of gramophone record. Gramophone was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in the 19th century. Edison, who had invented many other gadgets like electric light and the motion picture camera, had become a legend even in his own time. When he invented the gramophone record, which could record human voice for posterity, he wanted to record the voice of an eminent scholar on his first piece. For that he chose Prof. Max Muller of England (a German by ethnicity), another great personality of the 19th century. He wrote to Max Muller saying, “I want to meet you and record your voice. When should I come?” Max Muller who had great respect for Edison asked him to come on a suitable time when most of the scholars of the Europe would be gathering in England.  Accordingly, Edison took a ship and went to England. He was introduced to the audience. All cheered Edison’s presence. Later

Life span of tortoise

250-Year-Old Tortoise Dies In India - CBS News, March 2006 report 250-Year-Old Tortoise Dies In India - in March 2006 250-year-old-tortoise-dies-in- india/   Inspired by "Tit Bits" in today's mail from a friend about Spain's Franco's comment on tortoises received as gift. He said, he would feel sad when the tortoise dies, so he won't prefer it as gift! Franco is not alone.  I've seen individuals who would be in power for the next few days (not taking into account other uncertainties) talking as if they would be sitting eternally in the same chair. Some of them are reading this! M G Warrier

BS Book Review: The charmed life of a royal relation

The charmed life of a royal relation com/article/beyond-business/ the-charmed-life-of-a-royal- relation-119103000036_1.html   The link will open only for BS online subscribers (The book review was published today.).  TCA has given some tempting clues which may lead one to reading the book. I've spent my childhood in a village in which some families which belonged to pre-independence royal families of Malabar. So, I'm able to connect with the attitudes and behavioral pattern (including in personal/family life) of the rich and the powerful. My regret is (purely personal!), I didn't read this review 5 years back. That would have changed my attitude to some issues and circumstances, which in retrospect I feel, I handled unprofessionally.  We become wiser everyday, but our wisdom becomes obsolete faster. M G Warrier

Why we celebrate Bhai Dooj? : Speaking Tree

Why we celebrate Bhai Dooj blog/why-we-celebrate-bhai- dooj   Mumbaikar by habit, join any celebration happily and never ask why "you celebrate".  Speaking Tree must be answering this question on every occasion, every year. We too, read and forget! I enjoy reading ST articles/blogs for one reason: They don't add to reader's tension. M G Warrier

Writers script new tales : Why writers write?

Writers Script New Tales: The game of writing article/writers-script-new- tale s Happy Deepavali This article reminds one about writing, literature, books, many dilemmas of writers and publishers and in a way queries why people write, in the first place. I recall that day in 2003 (I was already 59) when I decided to write at least 100 words a day, get published at least 200 words a week and a couple of articles in a year.  M G Warrier Shri C V Subbaraman's response: A writing when done for one's own satisfaction (you write something and read it after a day, after a week and after a month to yourself understand and appreciate or deprecate what you have written). Then if you feel satisfied about it you try to sell it,i.e, you send it to others close to you and wait for their reaction. You then evaluate yourself. If you get good reactions, you are encouraged and you begin writing on more topics or things. If you do not get good r

RBI's reserves : And much more

Strengthen RBI's balance sheet article/strengthen-rbis- balance-sheet/28360.html   This article was published @ seven years ago. A re-reading is considered necessary now in the context of continued speculations by media about RBI's reserves including gold. For more on similar subjects: India's Decade of Reforms: Reserve Bank of India at Central Stage    M G Warrier

Book Review: India's Decade of Reforms

Right book at the right time right-book-at-the-right-time   Link to Dr Yerram Raju's review of the book "India's Decade of Reforms" (2018, Notion Press, Chennai) by M G Warrier

Re-examine your life

‘Re-examine your life article/re-examine-your-life   How do we know what's truth, or what's false? What you think is truth may not be the real truth.  For links like this, visit everyday. On an average, this blog gets over 100 pageviews every day. Over 2.18 lakh pageviews since inception ten years ago. M G Warrier

Krishna for today : Ananthashayanam

Krishna for Today: Ananthashayanam 2019/10/blog-post_24.html   Painting from Keshav's collection M G Warrier

Muhurat Trading 2019

Muhurat Trading | Diwali: What is muhurat trading? And when is it this Diwali? - markets/stocks/news/what-is- muhurat-trading-and-when-is- it-this-diwali/articleshow/ 71752296.cms   Muhurat Trading 2019 Some information about Muhurat Trading on Sunday, October 27, 2019 M G Warrier

A happy DIWALI for all

Opinion: The many beginnings of Diwali: A Diwali for each one of us! lounge/features/the-many- beginnings-of-diwali- 11571977592367.html   Manu S Pillai helps us to know more about the origin and evolution of Diwali... M G Warrier

Articles from the archives: A Governor speaks out

A RBI's Ex-Governor Speaks Out* http://www. Articles/Articles-ExGovernor- Speaks-Out.html   (*From M G Warrier's folder) When going gets tough, tough gets going.  RBI has a history of being at the receiving eng for wrong reasons. Earlier, this used to be because many in Delhi, who thought they were representing the owner of RBI didn't care to understand the role of RBI. Now, one gets a feeling, those inside RBI are also not very clear about RBI's mandate. This article was published few years ago. M G Warrier

Onion and garlic : Origin, evolution and their present status

Onions, Garlic, and Ayurveda | Hridaya Yoga onions-garlic-ayurveda/ This morning I read a Facebook post criticizing extensive use of garlic in vegetarian hotel chains in Kerala owned and operated by entrepreneurs from neighbouring states (Tamil Nadu and Karnataka).  Digged out this link for the benefit of those who may want to know more about the origin and current status of onion and garlic and their role in food and medicine. M G Warrier

Deposit Insurance : A page from history

DICGC - Publications - Speeches Spe_DepositInsurence.html A 12 year old speech on Deposit Insurance by Usha Thorat (At a conference in Hanoi). Found interesting. M G Warrier

Ekam Sat Viprah Bahudhaa Vadanti

Subject: EKAM SAT VIPRA BAHUDA VADANTI* blog/ekam-sat-vipra-bahuda- vadanti *Published in Speaking Tree in 2012. "Same one truth is being told in different ways by the wise" M G Warrier

The Global ANALYST from ICFAI, Hyderabad

Finance Magazines | The Global Analyst | Economic Environment Financial Markets Financial Services Corporate Finance Investment Banking Risk Management . analyst.asp Posted for information. Here ICFAI gives some details about their publications including The Global ANALYST, a monthly Business & Finance Magazine which regularly publishes my articles, since 2012. M G Warrier

Not just about accounting

Letter to BS: For decades govts have been manipulating fiscal numbers com/article/opinion/letter-to- bs-for-decades-govts-have- been-manipulating-fiscal- numbers-119102301503_1.html Kindly open this link and read my letter about mismanagement of public funds. This is not just about taxpayer's money or government budget or banks. In the limited space, I couldn't do full justice to the subject, but believe me, it's time you thought about your own assets and liabilities seriously. Irrespective of the size of your own balance sheet. The coming days, we may have to do more homework before opening a bank account, before selling/buying movable/immovable properties or considering savings options and so on. Personal finance is likely to get affected by what governments will do to manage their own finance. M G Warrier

Social Security Issues: Care for elders

Subject: 9 Reasons why its important to care for our elders Why you need to be there for them blog/9-reasons-why-it-s- important-to-care-for-our- elders-why-you-need-to-be- there-for-the I'll add new links here on social security issues M G Warrier II Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 - Maintenance_and_Welfare_of_ Parents_and_Senior_Citizens_ Act,_2007

Search for a bridegroom

Year-long search for a bridegroom- Please help Revathy in her search, if someone can... http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ oct/23/year-long-search-for-a- bridegroom-2051607.html This is a novel !dea which can change Revathy's daughter's life. Help her, if you can, to find a fit and proper bridegroom. M G Warrier

Kerala's ancestral homes

Subject: Life in Kerala’s cosy ancestral homes - http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ feb/20/life-in-keralas-cosy- ancestral-homes-1941199.html Nostalgic memories of a bygone era... M G Warrier

PM listens to Abhijit Banerjee

PM joked about media trying to trap me with anti-Modi remarks: Abhijit Banerjee after meeting - PM joked about media trying to trap me with anti-Modi remarks: Abhijit Banerjee after meeting - india/story/pm-modi-talked- about-reforming-bureaucracy- to-help-people-abhijit- banerjee-after-meeting-pm- 1611844-2019-10-22 PM knows Media is more interested in jokes. Abhijit Banerjee conveyed PM's message to media nicely. M G Warrier M 134

Abhijit Banerjee interview: Role in NYAY explained

NYAY was not well designed, says Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee; read full interview text here news/india/full-text-of-nobel- laureate-abhijit-banerjee- interview-with-network18- 4551021.html In the above context please read the submitted version of my article on NYAY published in the May 2019 issue of The Global ANALYST M G Warrier NYAY: How to make it deliver justice to the poor? M G Warrier One fine morning during the second week of March 2019, Indian Elite woke up and remembered an old Chinese proverb they had long forgotten about. The context: The announcement of Nyunatam Aay Yojana (NYAY), a scheme proposed to be included in the Congress Manifesto for Election, 2019, by  the Congress President Rahul Gandhi.  The proverb: "Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime" My friend Mohandas from Chennai had this to say about NYAY and the proverb: “No

From Archives: Central issue (January 2013)

From the Archives Central issue: GOI and RBI com/article/opinion/letters- central-issue-110072800053_1. html This letter was written by me in January 2013. M G Warrier

Yahoo discontinuing groups...: Is it true?

Yahoo Groups, original social network for many, to begin winding up from Monday - Is this true? https://www. variety/yahoo-groups-original- social-network-for-many-to- begin-winding-up-from-monday/ article29751455.ece I wasn't aware that "yahoo-groups" is so close to closure. December 14, 2019 is so near. Hope our Moderators are working out modalities for migration to another service provider who will allow us entry with the accumulated baggage. M G Warrier

A Nobel Habit: Five Nobel Lurates have Kolkatta connection

A Nobel habit: How Kolkata keeps producing winners - https://www. a-nobel-habit-how-kolkata- keeps-producing-winners/ article29697930.ece Five Nobel Prize winners had a Kolkatta connection. Tagore                 1913 Raman.                1930 Mother Theresa.1979 Amartya Sen.      1998 Abhijit                   2019 Congrats Kolkatta M G Warrier

Stealing ideas from poll manifesto

PM, FM should steal ideas from Congress LS poll manifesto to tackle economic mess: Rahul Gandhi - india/story/pm-fm-should- steal-ideas-from-congress-ls- poll-manifesto-to-tackle- economic-mess-rahul-gandhi- 1610745-2019-10-18 I think some senior Congress leaders should explain to Rahul Gandhi about the purpose of poll manifesto. Poll Manifesto is not a secret collection of ideas permanently owned by the party concerned. Nothing prevents different political parties making the same promise to the electorate before the election.  How Rahul Gandhi got the idea of another party stealing ideas from his party's Manifesto is not clear. M G Warrier

₹2000 currency notes : RBI is doing its job

Subject: Rs 2,000 note controversy: What is forcing RBI to stop printing fresh notes? story/rs-2000-note- controversy-what-is-forcing- rbi-to-stop-printing-fresh- notes/1/385206.html My view: I think RBI is doing this as part of their responsibilities to manage distribution of currency only. Story looks more speculative. M G Warrier

Sound of silence

It’s in silences that we find ourselves- Sound of silence http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ oct/18/its-in-silences-that- we-find-ourselves-2049254.html Loud thinking in the comfort of silence. Start finding and loving silence in the midst of loud noices. Impossible? Think of those sleeping comfortably near airports, railway tracks or on footpaths. M G Warrier

Song of myself: Walt Whitman

Song of Myself (1892 version) by Walt Whitman  https://www.poetryfoundation. org/poems/45477/song-of- myself-1892-version Walt Whitman celebrated poetry of human dignity, love and complete freedom. This fairly long 1892 poem written by him when he was still in his thirties in a way speaks out his philosophy or attitude to life. M G Warrier

Prime Minister Modi's Independence Day Speech, 2014

Modi's first Independence Day speech: Full text - india/story/narendra-modi- independence-day-speech-full- text-red-fort-204216-2014-08- 15 The speech indicates that PM had clarity about the task ahead, then. Worth reviewing the commitments and rededicating to achieve the self-set targets. M G Warrier

Fight against Global Poverty gets a Nobel Boost

Nobel Prize Winners For Economics Revolutionized The Fight Against Poverty : Goats and Soda : NPR goatsandsoda/2019/10/15/ 770346240/how-the-3-nobel- winners-for-economics-upended- the-fight-against-poverty Fight against global poverty gets a Nobel push. M G Warrier

Prayer and Meditation

Gross And Subtle: Prayer and Meditation article/gross-and-subtle The article answers Srinivasan's (75 years) question about the difference between prayer and meditation. Found the answer interesting. For me, "PRAYER" is about reaffirming one's wishes and aspirations. I had, once upon a time, thought that "MEDITATION" is about sitting in a prescribed posture, controlling breathing and thoughts etc etc. Now I know it is much more. It's the distance between breathing properly and "Self-realization", all of us are at different levels and it is a purely personal experience... M G Warrier

Thoughts on 75th Birthday: M G Warrier

Thoughts on 75th Birthday By M G Warrier October 15, 1944 is my official date of birth, recorded in my SSLC Book with an affirmation by my father (He used to write his name in Malayalam and sign Sree-"ശ്രീ"). My real date of birth is August 9, 1944. My mother gave birth to her fourth child (me) at 0015 hours on a Wednesday. Those days, in our joint family, delivery used to happen in a small single-room outhouse in the North-west side of our ancestral house.  A traditional village midwife who used to take care of all deliveries in the neighborhood (Malayi Ammunni was there for my mother's first delivery 22 years earlier also. She became almost jobless during 1950's when Local Panchayath appointed a qualified Midwife to take over the job of pregnancy management and delivery) was present. One of the elderly uncles who was woken up to inform about the arrival of a brother for three sisters gazed the skye and gave the time of birth as "past midnight&q