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Warrier's Collage on Thursday September 28, 2023

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Thursday, September 28, 2023 Sanatan Dharma : Basics Friends Last issue of Collage contained some link/s which was unacceptable @Face Book and therefore they didn't publish the post. As they didn't specify, I couldn't correct/edit. Mentioning for information. M G Warrier A Responses/Messages 1 C V Subbaraman I do not know about other languages. But I know that the oldest Tamizh language is far different from what Tamizh we speak or follow today. There is no comparison. Will any of us understand now if spoken or written in Sangam Tamizh or Valluvar Tamizh or Kambar Tamizh? Subbaraman 2 P V Mohanakrishnan Thiruvananthapuram Is reading "Completing Vyasa's Mahabharata (67 Upakathas for the Modern Reader)" Embedded within the primary narrative of the Mahabharata lie numerous sub-tales known as upakhyaana

Warrier's Collage on Sunday September 24, 2023

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Sunday, September 24, 2023 I Manisha Panchakam* : Sarvapriyananda "See G for lyrics II Ganesh Festival in Mumbai Good Morning. I'm aware, Mumbaikars especially, are relaxing after a hectic Ganapati Festival. You may save this edition of Collage and read in leisure. M G Warrier A Responses/Messages 1 R Jayakumar To cut the leg to suit expensive shoes Dear friends I picked up the above phrase from today's Warrier's Collage (20-9-23). I think it means being ready to lose one's moral values in order to gain monetary benefits. Here is something I had on my draft folder to reflect. (Orginal altered to suit the reader). It's meaning may be that 'We are good as long as everything around us is in good order'. 'Too much of being good is self de

Warrier's Collage on Wednesday September 20, 2023

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Wednesday, September 20, 2023 Good Morning Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Friends You may find the settings and content of this monologue losing consistency. I'm aware. M G Warrier A Messages/Responses TNC Rangarajan a) Shared a video link b) Dattatreya's 24 Gurus His teachers were: the Earth, wind, sky, water, fire, the Moon, the Sun, some pigeons, a python, the ocean, a honeybee, a beekeeper, an elephant, a deer, a fish, a reformed prostitute, a small squirrel, a child, a hawk, a young housewife, an archer, a snake, a spider, and a wasp. 2 S Nallasivan Welcome back to you after successful cataract surgery and dental implants. The return of Warrier's Collage on Friday is very timely as PPR Sir who is the main source of our major daily mails has taken two days off to attend an auspicious occasion* in the family. Saturday morning group mai

Warrier's Collage on Friday September 15, 2023

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Friday September 15, 2023 Bharat : Mother of Democracy Thoughts for the Day : V T Panchapagesan What is the remedy? Make the good better……. A lady lost her purse and reported the matter to the police… She was CALM , UNPERTURBED ABOUT THE LOSS.. SHE SAID ‘I never worry , I believe in the goodness of people,’ Her unshakable faith in the goodness of human beings were Justified as someone found and returned it with all contents intact…. Belief in the goodness is a wholesome point of view and the basis For a healthy optimism. But we should not push it too for. Humans have shadowy side, as they are a fallen race… Besides, if we believe in the absolute goodness, there is incentive To make things better….. It is only when we see the weak and defective side of human nature , We are inclined to change and improve things……. Shiva and Vishnu know this and they go hand in hand adjusting themselves