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Dispossession, Deprivation and Development

Subject: Fitting tribute - Frontline book review Dispossession, Deprivation and Development https://frontline.thehindu. com/books/article26376001.ece

Book on my table: The Third Pillar By Raghuram G Rajan

Subject: Book on my table: The Third Pillar By Raghuram G Rajan  Amartya Sen has described Raghuram G Rajan"s latest book "The Third Pillar" as "A strikingly insightful analysis of the penalties of neglecting the critically important role of community" I'm yet to read the book. Have glanced through. The book gives a professional elucidation and validation of the concluding observations in my book "India's Decade of Reforms" where I mentioned that "...I am convinced that unless the people, who do not directly participate in the affairs of legislatures, executive and the judiciary, those in the media and those who are part of these three wings, but are silent spectators to the goings on, due to various compulsions, come together to oppose corrupt practices across government and public and private sector organizations, the present situation will get perpetuated." Day before yesterday Business Standard published excerpts from

Spending a night in a "haunted" bungalow

Subject: Spending a night in a haunted bungalow- Nostalgia http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ feb/28/spending-a-night-in-a- haunted-bungalow-1944659.html Consider sharing your nostalgic memories or strange experiences via And...Mindspace  on weekdays publishes one short but interesting piece like this one. M G Warrier

Apollo and Dhanwantari :: The Gods of medical sciences

 Dhanvantari - The God of Ayurveda and the Physician of Gods dhanvantari-the-god-of- ayurveda-and-the-physician-of- devas/  Greek Gods of Health - tech/health/greek-gods-of- health/article26362951.ece Health Ministry of Greek Gods M G Warrier

You are what you eat

Subject: You are what you eat article/you-are-what-you-eat- 731632 I have observed that the traditional "meals" of any geographical area in India is a balanced diet. M G Warrier

His unique qualities

 His unique qualities - Significance of Idol worship explained society/faith/his-unique- qualities/article26378389.ece Why we perceive God in different forms? Qualities are understood better by "living examples/models".  Same technique is shabbily applied in modern advertisements for marketing products. M G Warrier

First day in office

When a bank tried to trace its employee- First day in office and another experience http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ feb/27/when-a-bank-tried-to- trace-its-employee-1944272. html For most people first day in office would be a memory to treasure. Sometimes, as in this case, uncertainties can play spoilsport.  I had a different experience. The new employer wanted me to report for joining with a proper relieving certificate from the previous employer. When reported, I was sent for medical test. Uncertainties were kept live for 18 months! M G Warrier

Review Indian Pension System

 Indian pension system needs a comprehensive review, overhaul com/article/opinion/letter-to- bs-indian-pension-system- needs-a-comprehensive-review- overhaul-119022601190_1.html This is an interesting subject from a social security angle and has several dimensions.  Someone who has contacts with academia may suggest this as a research topic in universities. Long-term objective should be a self-supporting Universal Pension System M G Warrier

A son's tribute to his loving mother

We shall meet on that beautiful shore- A son remembers his loving mother http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ feb/26/we-shall-meet-on-that- beautiful-shore-1943820.html This piece is, in a way, a tribute to his mother by the son of a freedom fighter from Kerala. There were several such mothers who silently shouldered the burden of family responsibilities while the man of the house used to be hiding and working supporting freedom movement or were in jail. Posted online comments. M G Warrier

Review pension system

M G Warrier                        February 26, 2019 Review pension system This refers to Somesh Jha’s report “Hike in minimum pension will need budgetary support: EPFO” (Business Standard, February 26). The Indian Pension System needs a comprehensive review and overhaul. Since December 2003 when GOI unilaterally and prospectively discontinued a defined payment-based pension scheme then existing for central government employees and introduced New Pension Scheme (later rechristened as National Pension System), temporarily exempting defense personnel from the changeover, the policy approach to pensions has been one of ‘hit and run’. By now, there appears to be a consensus that a pension scheme, as a social security instrument, is an essential ingredient of remuneration packages across public and private sector establishments. If that be so, there should be agreement on the  following: (a)                Pension component should be part of wages paid by the employer. If c

Guruvayoor Aarattu

Subject: Why Guruvayur is special - The Hindu cities/chennai/why-guruvayur- is-special/article8446756.ece This is an old article published in The Hindu when a Souvenir on Guruvayoor temple was published in 2015. Today is Guruvayoor Aarattu, concluding the annual 10 days festival. M G Warrier

Cherusseri Suresh Warrier php?fbid=2200425450014705&id= 100001418158751&set=a. 430827130307888&source=57 Cherusseri Suresh, son of CSV Warrier and Ambika Devi of Haripad succumbed to a cardiac arrest after almost finishing a half Marathon in Thane, on February 24, 2013. I knew his parents since 1964-65 (Viswam Chettan, CS Viswanatha Warrier and I were together in Thiruvananthapuram AG's Office during 1964-68. I left AG's Office in 1968) CSV is my Guru in trade union matters and philosophy.  M G Warrier

Reviving nostalgic memories by skipping thru albums

Subject: Monochrome pictures of colourful memories- When did you search out that album last? http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ feb/25/monochrome-pictures-of- colourful-memories-1943354. html I didn't have any photos of school/college days. M G Warrier

GOI's finances

Into a black hole - Business Line editorial, February 25, 2019 https://www. opinion/editorial/into-a- black-hole/article26358231.ece My response: To The Editor The Hindu Business Line February 25, 2019 Financial planning This refers to your editorial “Into a black hole” (HBL, February 25). I would like to read this together with the report “PM rolls out Rs75,000 cr income support scheme for farmers” appearing on page 1 of the paper today. There is something glaringly missing in management of resources and finance by GOI and that is planning. Let us look at just two out of several situations where proof for this can be found. Kisan Samman Doling out the paltry amount of Rs17 per day to farmers below the poverty line is an insult to the Indian farming community. What is needed is to plug the leakages in pricing of farm produce between the farm gate and the consumer. Once a reasonable farm gate price for the produce is assured, t

Take off: Share with GenNext

From:  Govinda Warrier Subject: Take off - Share with GenNext education/take-off/ article26341464.ece The Hindu has something special to offer on each week day. Sunday Hindu comes in a different format from February 24. Section II and Magazine merged into a single large supplement. M G Warrier

India's Decade of Reforms (HC edition)

Friends If comfortable, please share this post with others. Yourself, avoid buying the book during the promo period. The book is one year old (Of course, this is the recently released hardcover edition). The books sold at 15% discount won't fetch any royalty.  M G Warrier Message from Notion Press, Chennai: Subject: Woohoo! Your promotions have started Hi M G Warrier, The promotions for your book India's Decade of Reforms (HC) has started and here are the details: Promo dates:  2019-02-25 to 2019-03-09. The discount percentage you have set is  15.00%  during the promotional period. Please Note: You will not receive a royalty for the books sold during this period. Happy promoting! Thank you Notion Press 

Yoga destroys sorrow: Gita

Subject: Yoga destroys sorrow - Karma Yoga Reward is successful accomplishment of one's duty. So says Gita M G Warrier

Ishavasyopanishad : Interpreting existence

Ishopanishad with Shankaracharya's commentary : Sanskrit Document doc_upanishhat/Ishaa_ bhaashhya_Shankar.html?lang=sa If the above link opens, please read the small but one of the great Upanishads loaded with meaning. M G Warrier

Fly in, fly about and fly out: Life's philosophy

Eat pray fly - Fly in, fly about out when time comes... https://www. blink/shoot/siberian-seagulls- eat-pray-fly/article26339353. ece/photo/1/ In this photo feature, the writer integrates lessons of life, existence and survival, using birds of migration (or migration of birds?) in a symbolic sense. If you have a philosophy, you can use anything to package it beautifully... M G Warrier

Photo journalism: Recognizing talent

Recognising and celebrating those who see news in pictures - The Hindu national/recognising-and- celebrating-those-who-see- news-in-pictures/ article26354072.ece In an age when anyone can click a photo or shoot a video anywhere, this is a success story of photo journalism where the photographer is in control of his work. The prize-winning photo has a message for all of us. M G Warrier

Learn, unlearn and relearn

Faith : Valuable intellect - Learn, unlearn and relearn : Survival tip for 21st Century Goes well with my previous post: Race to nowhere society/faith/valuable- intellect/article26334116.ece I could unlearn fast... There was precious little to be emptied! Relearn what? Help me get an answer... M G Warrier

A race to nowhere: That moves...That stands still...

A race to nowhere - About changing goals/changing goal posts opinion/open-page/a-race-to- nowhere/article26353392.ece Good Morning all At this moment, there's something amazingly fascinating happening. If it is not about me, it could be in the life of someone I love and care, or in the family or society. Look around...Yes... you got it! Thadejathi...Thannaijathi... That moves...That stands still...(Isavasya Upanishad) I enjoyed reading this (open the link) article. Nice Day M G Warrier

Values we need to teach kids

 The values we are not teaching kids today- The New Indian Express http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ feb/16/the-values-we-are-not- teaching-kids-today-1939396. html Interesting thoughts M G Warrier


Gajendramoksham*: Gajendra Moksha wiki/Nymphaeaceae An elephant which was cursed by Agastya Rishi and was bitten by a crocodile on his backfoot. This "kumbheendran" (celestial king of elephants) had to spend thousand years in "Thrikootaajala" river, worshipping non-stop Lord Vishnu with water lily flowers after which he was awarded "Moksham" (salvation) by Vishnu. M G Warrier *കുംഭീന്ദ്രൻപോയ് ത്റികൂടാജലസരസി... അഗസ്തൃസൃശാപാൽ... പിൻകാലിൻമേൽക്കടിച്ചേൻ മുതലകടിവിടാതായിരത്താണ്ടു... .... നക്റം ചക്റേണകൊന്നക്കരിവരനുമോക്ഷത്തെയേകീ മുകുന്ദൻ... Now read Sugathakumari's poem: 8yEgYNApWew/S_e0kv1hA8I/ AAAAAAAAAQw/4LN8jjyibVE/s1600/ gajendramoksham.jpg

Mukund Rajan's book with focus on Tatas

‘It’s lonely at the top’ - The Hindu BusinessLine https://www. blink/read/mukund-rajan-its- lonely-at-the-top/ article26339000.ece The book which finds a mention in this interaction with its author Mukund Rajan, younger brother of Raghuram Rajan could be more interesting than the elder brother's "Third Pillar" being released in India next week.  I've ordered a copy of Mukund Rajan's book today... Will write more about the book after reading it. M G Warrier

Memories of a visit to BITS Pilani: J S Raghavan

 Visiting daughter in her Pilani hostel- J S Raghavan @mindspace The New Indian Express h ttp://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ feb/22/visiting-my-daughter- in-her-pilani-hostel-1942140. html Interesting article by J S Raghavan  M G Warrier

Natyadharmi 2019, Trissur: Festival with a difference

Natyadharmi 2019 proved five days of aesthetic delight - The Hindu entertainment/art/natyadharmi- 2019-showcased-all-schools-of- koodiyattam-featuring- artistes-young-and-old/ article26320199.ece   About a festival of a different type in Trissur, the cultural capital of Kerala M G Warrier CV Subbaraman Mysuru observes: It is heartening that efforts are on to preserve the artform of Kerala in this manner. I have not seen any of these dance forms, though I have often heard of Chaakyaar koothu, koodiyaattam. But I have seen Mohiniyaattam and and some stray episodes of Kathakali and enjoyed them. I think that all these forms of dances resort to ancient epics and puranic tales for their performances. Subbaraman

RBI in captivity

Subject: Letter to BS: Why shouldn't bankers take instructions directly from FinMin? com/article/opinion/letter-to- bs-why-shouldn-t-bankers-take- instructions-directly-from- finmin-119022101218_1.html You decide M G Warrier Submitted version: Letters February 21, 2019 Rate cut impact This refers to the report “Das, bankers may not be on the same page over passing rate cuts” (February 21). Let us face realities. Time was, when interest rates were ‘regulated’, but banks respected and listened to RBI’s sermons. Today, rates are deregulated and bankers know that RBI is in captivity and is parroting GOI’s wishes without applying its own institutional mind. In such a situation why bankers should not take instructions direct from finance ministry or still better, from the political leadership, as in any case elections are round the corner? Coming to the facts and figures, the 25 basis point reduction in Repo Rate works out to j

Training the mind

Training the mind - Think good, be good, act good... always society/faith/training-the- mind/article26323573.ece Fear of the inevitable is used in this discourse to driving the point that we should think, talk and do things that are good for us, our families and the society, every moment. M G Warrier

The mess in which developed nations have landed

Subject: Theorising Capitalist Transformations through Culture | Economic and Political Weekly 2019/6/book-reviews/ theorising-capitalist- transformations.html I found this book review by Dr Rajan Gurukkal interesting. It covers the recent developments in developed countries. Mainstream media has not told us about the depth of economic problems these nations are facing as a consequence of mismanagement of world's resources.  M G Warrier

Sting operation: Frontline book review

Sting operation - Frontline https://frontline.thehindu. com/books/article26247070.ece A novel touching the life of Malayalam writer Rajalakshmi who told many stories, won a prestigious Academy award and opted to disappear from the stage when her performance was at the peak reviewed in Frontline. Some information about Rajalakshmi's life and writings can be accessed using the following link: wiki/Rajalakshmi The novel reviewed had indirectly covered some thoughts of Rajalakshmi. M G Warrier M 134

A visit to Tharavaadu after a long gap: Nostalgia

 Life in Kerala’s cosy ancestral homes- The New Indian Express http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ feb/20/life-in-keralas-cosy- ancestral-homes-1941199.html Posted online comments Forwarded by: M G Warrier C V Subbaraman, Mysuru comments: "Very nostalgic. Unfortunately, tharavaadu mansions are disappearing, giving way to multi-storeyed  residential places or business complexes. There was a thrill in going about the vast backyards where we can collect fallen mangoes in season, caress a cow or calf, or look with awe the passing krait......And come into the house, there will be tasty puzhungalari kanji (no coffee or tea!) or sometimes Vellachhoru with Kanni Mango pickles.  Then there will be occasions taking bath in privately made tanks or a rivulet or river nearby........... Subbaraman "

Pre-poll gift to govt staff/pensioners?: Biased reporting

Biased reporting Open the link below to read the published version of my letter responding to the Business Line report (February 20) describing release of DA/DR payable to central government employees/pensioners/family pensioners as pre-poll gift: M G Warrier https://www. opinion/letters/letters-to- the-editor/article26323390.ece https://www. centre-hikes-da-by-3-per-cent- effective-from-january-1-2019/ article26313509.ece February 20, 2019 Biased reporting This refers to the Business Line Delhi Bureau report “In pre-poll gift to govt employees, dearness allowance hiked by 3%” (HBL, February 20). Among several cabinet decisions announced on Tuesday, the report chose the six-monthly adjustment of Dearness Allowance to government employees and dearness relief to pensioners and family pensioners which became due effective January 1, 2019 owing to variation in the six-monthly average rise/fall in Consumer Price Ind

ICAI includes articles in The Global ANALYST in references

ICAI - The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India html?post_id=15298 Occasionally, ICAI is including my articles among reference articles listed in their bulletins. That helps Global Analyst to reach out to a larger audience M G Warrier

Measuring woman's work: Frontline book review

Measuring women’s work - Frontline https://frontline.thehindu. com/books/article26246919.ece This book review attracted my attention for its fresh approach to inequality, resources and the criticism of the conventional methods of working out GDP. From a different angle, I have been pointing out the flaws in our resources management. My quarrel has been mainly about not exploiting domestic resources and the huge concessions cornered by the rich and the powerful. M G Warrier

Renu Raj Sub-Collector, Devikulam (Kerala)

Mathrubhumi Varaandappathippu published a one page story on the dedicated service being rendered by Renu Raj IAS, now Sub-Collector, Devikulam. Her achievement so far in service to society is remarkable. Best Wishes to her. Link to a report in the media soon after her being selected for IAS is copied below: M G Warrier Meet Renu Raj IAS Topper – A doctor got rank 2 in first attempt | Syskool ias-air-2/

One who harms innocent people, gets punished

A jnani’s detachment - The Hindu society/faith/a-jnanis- detachment/article26297810.ece

Big bunglaws in sylvan locales in Munnar (Kerala)

The big bungalows built in sylvan locales- Brings back childhood memories  http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ feb/18/the-big-bungalows- built-in-sylvan-locales- 1940185.html The link above will take you to an interesting article published in The New Indian Express (After a partition of Goenka Group, the paper in South India is The New Indian Express, while in the North, they retained the original name). For me, the description of the Munnar bungalow brings back childhood memories (1950's) when I used to accompany my father when he used to visit Kovilakams (palaces where Maharaja and Elaya Rajas- who stand a chance to become Maharaja, when the incumbent Raja passes away: their death is theeppedal- announcement is തീപ്പെട്ടു, their sleep is palliyurakkam- പള്ളിയുറക്കം) and Kottarams (large bungalows where juniors in the Royal families stayed separately with own families). Kadathanad (covering the present Vatakara Taluk) was a small province in old Malaba

Thoughts on Vishnu Sahasranamam

 Thoughts on Vishnu Sahasranamam blog/thoughts-on-vishnu- sahasranamam I have compiled excerpts from a discussion on the above subject we had in Exrbites group recently and posted as a Blog at Speaking Tree to get views from readers. The above link will take you to Speaking Tree Blog. M G Warrier

A movie with a difference

Fabric of the Future- The New Indian Express http://www.newindianexpress. com/entertainment/hindi/2019/ feb/17/fabric-of-the-future- 1938871.html They produced a movie. Collected ₹1 lakh by screening it for a captive audience. Spent the money for educating 20 kids in a village where the movie was shot. Incredible? Please open the link. M G Warrier M 134

A place for the woman: Samatha Sharma

A place for the woman: Samatha Sharma opinion/open-page/ I liked the picturisation by A Premkumar for this story. Seven heads, six roles and 8 hands. Two hands are free. Samatha looks at the glaring "Asamathwa" in work allocation between man and woman. Samatha is a meditation teacher and prefers to keep her eyes closed for a few generations. Don't try her experiment unguided. M G Warrier

Back from the dead: In search of nothing

Back from the dead article/back-from-the-dead After reading this article, I decided to believe in God: Instead of struggling with research findings, I decided to believe in one God who is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient who has all the answers. I'm not yet sure, whether He resides within me, or outside me. Once I find out, I'll share the information with you.  To know why I am telling all these, please open the link to read Deepak Chopra's article. I believe, he must be getting some cut from "Counsellors" for introducing new clients 😊 Nice Day M G Warrier

Preeti Gupta @100: Granddaughters talk about Grandma

100 years of Grandma- Preeti Gupta turned 100 in Jan 19 https://www. blink/takeaway/100-years-of- grandma/article26272043.ece Two granddaughters based in London tell the story of their Grandma  M G Warrier CV Subramanian, Mysuru adds: Grandma still looks good. May perhaps and should certainly live another decade! A well penned description gives information Grandma centric, appropriately, instead of focussing on importance of being a grandchild! Subbaraman

Indra cursed for lust

Ahalya Story - When Lord Indra was cursed for lust allslides/when-lord-indra-was- cursed-for-lust A fairly long story from Speaking Tree. Digged out after reading yesterday's Hindu faith column: society/faith/battle-against- desire/article26272370.ece M G Warrier

Superstition is fear of uncertainty: Mindspace, The New Indian Express

Superstition is merely fear of uncertainty- The New Indian Express http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ feb/15/superstition-is-merely- fear-of-uncertainty-1939059. html Interesting subject. M  Chengavaraya Chetty (M C Chetty) was In-Charge of Thiruvananthapuram RBI during 1970's. He considered "Rahukalam" as inauspicious to do anything important. His signature is writing his name in full. If "Rahukalam" started before he could finish his signature, it was his practice to leave the signature on the cheques halfway and continue 90 mins later.  M G Warrier

A beautiful incarnation: Introduction to Vishnu Sahasranama

A beautiful incarnation - An introduction to Vishnu Sahasranama society/faith/a-beautiful- incarnation/article26260504. ece CV Subbaraman Sir and I have been discussing some subjects around the concept of God during the last few days. Vishnu Sahasranaama which forms part of Mahabharatham (Bhishmapitamaha recites it) condenses the ancient concept (not of any religion, religions came millenniums later) of God. The thousand names of Vishnu (The protector), each one with an independent meaning, in just hundred odd stanzas itself is unbelievably Godly. I had the benefit of listening to Vishnu Sahasranama recited twice by my father on almost all days during my stay inside a Shiva temple in Malabar during 1952-59. Now, please open the link to know the meaning of 5 or 6 names of Vishnu. M G Warrier CV Subbaraman Sir's thoughtful observations(via email): Vishnu Sahasranaama stotram is a beautiful rendering.  The entire rendering  did come  from

Recognition comes late to Nambi Narayanan

 Glad my work is finally recognised, says Nambi Narayanan - The Hindu national/glad-my-work-is- finally-recognised-says-nambi- narayanan/article26099947.ece This was published on January 26 M G Warrier

The gaseous state: Dr Tiny Nair

The gaseous state - The Hindu Open Page: Dr Tiny Nair opinion/open-page/the-gaseous- state/article26225295.ece Read this article by a senior cardiologist. M G Warrier

Changing relationships : Know your neighbour

Subject: We don’t know our neighbours anymore- Changing relationships http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ feb/13/we-dont-know-our- neighbours-anymore-1938204. html The problems from this kind of indifferent social relationships surfaced during the August 2018 floods in Kerala. Neighbors in some cases didn't know whether anyone was staying in the next door house! M G Warrier

Cholesterol-lowering interventions

Subject: ‘Cholesterol-lowering interventions, whether diet or statins, should start early’ - The Hindu opinion/interview/cholesterol- lowering-interventions- whether-diet-or-statins- should-start-early/ article26252218.ece Let's hope, more research will bring out more interesting revelations M G Warrier

RBI changes with times: A myth disappears

Subject: Letter to BS: Reserve Bank moots rupee intervention overseas | Business Standard News com/article/opinion/letter-to- bs-reserve-bank-moots-rupee- intervention-overseas- 119021201247_1.html Business Standard has published my "Maverick" observations about the latest bi-monthly Monetary Policy Announcement by RBI. M G Warrier


Kerala survived a flood and an effort to destroy the harmonious relationship among the people of the state in 2018. The state has risen to the occasion and is moving forward fast. https://www. national/investors-will-find- kerala-an-ideal-destination/ article26240361.ece February 12, 2019 Emerging Kerala* N Ramakrishnan’s report “Investors will find Kerala an ideal destination” (Business Line, February 12) has covered several aspects unique to Kerala in the state’s effort s to move faster in its development journey. The year that has gone by has awakened the people of Kerala and the state government and the awareness about the possibilities of unity as evidenced during the August floods and the harm the divisive forces can do to the reputation for communal harmony and the progressive ideology the state has nurtured for decades is evident in the responses of the Chief Minister. Having realized the strengths like hundred perc