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Warrier's Collage 01072020 : Endless Beginning

Warrier's Collage 01072020 : Endless Beginning Prayer Watch "Bala Mukundashtakam with Lyrics | Kararavindena Padaravindam | Meditation on Lord Sri Krishna"   Mythology is full of symbols and signals. One is lucky, if one is able to stumble upon the right ones and is able to interpret them to one's advantage. Here, one has to approach stories and even "history" with an open mind. Perhaps, the clue given by Shankaracharya may be useful : "Remove ignorance (Avidya), knowledge will emerge" Man is the only animal wasting time and resources to find out beginning and end. In the process he forgets to live the present. The tiniest insect and the smallest flower enjoys the life given to it. Man alone wastes his life searching for the creator and chasing the "enemies". Today's subject inspired by Vathsala Jayaraman (See D below) M G Warrier A. Big Bang Theory Comparing Hindu Cosmology with the Big Bang Theory -  htt

Warrier's Collage 30062020 : Relax

Warrier's Collage 30062020 : Relax  Watch "Patanjali Yoga Sutras: Meditation Technique for Deep Sleep"   Information : https://www.hindustantimes. com/india-news/pm-narendra- modi-to-address-nation- tomorrow-amid-stand-off-with- china/story- OlB5H31PZd43G7dmb8eqQK.html PM to address the nation at 4 p m today (June 30, 2020) A. Meditation Watch "Meditation to receive grace & inspiration - Special Bhagavad Gita Meditation by Swami Mukundananda"   Many of us occasionally forget the minimum expectations our body and mind have from us. Just remember, those expectations are the same ones, the pets we keep or the car we own entertain. Timely food/petrol, occasional rest, a quick check when some warning signals surface. We need not wait for an Acharya to teach us how to breathe properly, or a dietician to prescribe "balanced food" or a Respiratory Expert to advise us smoking/chewing tobacco can be

More Reforms

Watch out for:   Prime Minister's address to the nation at 4 p m on June 30, 2020 Govt approves far reaching reforms in India's space sector; 'Made in India' ventilators to combat COVID-19...Read more in the newsletter! Having trouble reading this email?  View it in your mobile/ web browser Read more here Read more here Read more Know more here Click here to know more Read more here   Connect with PM. Give a missed call on 1800 20 90 920 & Download the App now Share it on Social Media    Forward it to a Friend This message was sent to mgwarrier[at]gmail[dot]com from  Prime Minister's Office  through no-reply[at]sampark[dot]gov[ dot]in If you would prefer not to receive these emails please click  unsubscribe  

Dead tree may still be lively

A Dead Tree Could Be Teeming With Life article/a-dead-tree-could-be- teeming-with-life   Unlike other dead beings, dead tree may be still lively. M G Warrier

Warrier's Collage 29062020. : Bhagavad-Gita

Warrier's Collage 29062020 : Bhagavad Gita "Upodghatham" "Re-educating our personality by Swami Chinmayananda"   Just Listen...Remember, Chinmayananda was talking 37 years ago....And every word is relevant today! He's addressing you and me. A. What to search in Gita  1) What's Gita about? from-bhagavad-gita/   11 takeaways from Gita.  2) The Gita and business ethics  https://timesofindia. business-ethics/articleshow/ 7216232.cms   Character building 3) Gita: good governance models gita-good-governance-models/   Learning governance from Gita 4) Traits of a Karma Yogi  https://timesofindia. warriersviews/reading-gita- traits-of-a-karma-yogi-9464/ My blog @ Times (December 2019) B. Message from Gita  1) Gita in a Nutshell 2013/04/14/gita-in-a-nutshell/   Make a beginning in understan