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Playing God in the ICU: A Dilemma?

Playing God in the ICU is not easy http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2018/ sep/21/playing-god-in-the-icu- is-not-easy-1875057.html Sharing experience, to convey profound messages, which needs to be told again and again, is an art, which needs encouragement. As people do not have the kind of patience or time needed to listen, the only way one can communicate effectively is by recording one's thoughts. This doctor has done exactly that and done it coming out of the restraints generally impose on themselves for obvious reasons. This article is a must read for all adults. M G Warrier

Malabar Diary Part 3: Malabar Coffee

Malabar Diary Part 3: Malabar Coffee: Cheers for ryots - national/kerala/malabar- coffee-cheers-for-ryots/ article26142755.ece Special Issue of Malabar Diary with coffee lovers in mind😊 M G Warrier

Malabar Diary Part 2: Theyyam Festival society/history-and-culture/ the-many-forms-of-theyyam/ malabar/theyyam-ritual-dance. php February to May every year is the Theyyam season in Malabar area (Comprising Kasaragod, Kannur, Wayanad, Kozhikode and Malappuram districts of Kerala). The entire village population, irrespective of religious, political or economic status differences, participate in organizing the celebrations. Some "Theyyams" are around family deities. Nambudiri Illam, mostly concentrated in and around Payyanur have a variant of Theyyam called "Kaliyattam" Theyyam festivals in Malabar area belongs to an interesting art form mixing folklore, religious beliefs and the human urge to celebrate. Olden days, my father's Illam (Kannamkulam Illam near Payyanur) used to have grand celebration of Kaliyattam once in 12 years. There was a long gap, due to financial conditions, no celebration was there. Few years back, the present g

Talking to oneself: An allowed activity?

Hamletian propensities - Talking to oneself, an allowed activity? opinion/open-page/hamletian- propensities/article26101156. ece Talking to onself in public place is now an acceptable behavior. How and why this writer is making an issue is intriguing. Any objections can be overcome by hanging half meter wire from the ear pocketing the other end.  M G Warrier


M G Warrier                               January 31, 2019 Welcome truce This refers to the report “Govt may not push for changes in Board-Level Panels of RBI” (Economic Times, January 31). The updates on GOI-RBI relationship issues given by Dheeraj Tiwari are comforting. It is common knowledge that when divorce is not an available option, there is enough scope for ‘give and take’ in the relationship, not always in terms of monetary considerations. The breaking-point which concluded with the change of RBI Governor on December 11, 2018 was perhaps, triggered by the ill-advised public debate about invoking Section 7 of the RBI Act by GOI which was a non-existent option so long as the ‘consultation with Governor’ clause remained in the statute book. All other issues now being ‘amicably sorted out’ could have been resolved through mutual consultations even without easing out Urjit Patel in the manner in which it was done. Of course, reducing embarrassment to government get

Ameliorating farmer's distress: C Rangarajan

Removing the roots of farmers’ distress - The Hindu opinion/lead/removing-the- roots-of-farmers-distress/ article26106031.ece

Reaching out for the star: Poem by CV Subbaraman

A poem received today from CV Subbaraman, Mysuru: Early in the morning after a session in yoga and praanaayaamam and vyaayaamam, it just struck me to write a few lines through child's mind. Here it is: CAN I PLUCK THE STARS Can I pluck the stars that shine far away In the vast nocturnal sky all the way, Mused the little child with her broadened eyes Unmindful of the long distance that lies Betwixt the attic window by her side And the yonder dark sky where stars reside. She looked at her soft little limbs and said To herself: My legs are too small to tread Across the long way to approach the stars It will take years, even if I rode on horse! And who knows by the time I would reach there Day will have broken,  and stars gone somewhere, Leaving me alone in the distant sky, Losing my sleep and no bed there to lie. So let me enjoy see’ng them shine above From here and say to the Lord: “Thank You Jove!”   29 January, 2019 Greet the Rising Sun with Jabaakusuma Sankaasham, Kaashya


NAVAGRAHA STOTRAM* According to astrology, the positions of the nine planets in the twelve constellations of the zodiac and their movements are considered to be quite significant. The nine planets ‘Navagraha’ affect every aspect of human life. They play an important role in the activities, physical and mental health and life of any individual. The unfavorable positioning of any of these planets can be the cause of problems, bad health, and stagnation for many people. However, there is a solution to avoid the ill effects of the position and movement of the ‘Navagraha’ in our lives. Navagraha mantras (or stotram) are simple mantras which work as powerful healing tools to reduce the negative effects of any of the nine planets. These mantras are Hindu holy hymn addressing the nine planets. Benefits Of Navagraha Stotram And The Way to Practice The Navagraha Stotram is written b y Rishi Vyasa and is considered to be the peace mantra for the nine planets. They are powerful m

Antidote to growing up: The Hindu Open Page

 An antidote to growing up and ‘adulting’ - opinion/open-page/an-antidote- to-growing-up-and-adulting/ article25980577.ece "I hope you do that too..." What? Please open the link to explore... M G Warrier

Malabar Diary Part 1: Return of libraries

Did you notice the return of libraries? - Malabar Diary* Part 1 Media waste a lot of space for spreading negativism. In the rural areas, where India lives, many encouraging, positive developments are taking place. A report from Kannur in Kerala. https://www. specials/india-file/did-you- notice-the-return-of- libraries/article26114223.ece *Hope to cover heritages/happenings relating to Malabar area periodically. This is the first part.  My response: January 29, 2019 Return of libraries This refers to the report “Did you notice the return of libraries?” (India File, January 29) by Jinoy Jose P. At a time when media houses are wasting rolls of newsprint and telecast time on sensationalizing non-issues, reports like this and conclaves like the recently concluded “The   Hindu Lit for Life” (Chennai) and “The Mathrubhumi International Festival of Letters” (Thiruvananthapuram, January 31-February 3, 2019) stand out as sign boards to a cultural he