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Post-DeMon Currency Management

Post-DeMon Currency management Demonetization is once again in focus after the release of the RBI Annual Report 2017-18. We need to congratulate those responsible for currency management in India, from RBI down to those manage the smallest rural banking outlet in India for ensuring that post-Note-Ban, 99.3 percent of the currency notes which lost legal-tender-status which were with the public as on November 8, 2016, were exchanged for value. This should boost the confidence and trust of the common man in the promise (by RBI) and the guarantee (by GOI) printed on currency notes of value Rs2 and above. The above observation is in the context of the misconception being sustained at the highest level and percolating to the ground level that demonetization was a scare to encourage citizens to themselves destroy part of the currency notes they held. I am trying to interpret the expectation that currency worth lakhs of crores of rupees should not have come back for exchange. The dec

India's Hidden Wealth :: 10th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL, 2018

(This Blog became active in September 2008. After 10 years, I look back with satisfaction. Many thanks for your continued support)        Managing India’s Hidden Wealth M G Warrier As distorted priorities in development planning is a legacy Modi government inherited from the post-Nehruvian governments (at Centre and states). Kerala floods will remain a case study for posterity, to learn why all natural calamities are not ‘caused’ by nature alone, and, once a calamity happens, how best damages to life and property can be minimized depending on neighborhood support, technology, help available from any quarters and last but not least by providing a confident leadership which doesn’t add to distress. Incidentally, according to one estimate, dams in Kerala are capable of managing less than 20 percent of the water from annual rainfall. The problems of mid-August 2018 floods in Kerala were aggravated by several hostile factors, man-made and natural. We need not call back Kastu

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Who's burying dissent? :: Panel on DeMon Who's burying dissent? This refers to the report “Govt seen ‘burying’ MP’s panel report on DeMo” (August 29). It is intriguing that the failure of a committee headed by a Congress leader with substantial representation from opposition parties to finalize its report in one year is described as an attempt by  the government to ‘bury’  the report.  The committee has senior MPs as its members who must have been well aware of the procedures and therefore one gets curious to know why the committee went slow in its deliberations and preparation of the report, in the first place. It is well known that Congress and some other political parties, besides some celebrity economists had a different view on withdrawal of legal tender status of Rs500 and Rs1000 currency notes announced by the government on November 8, 2016. A year later, even Dr Raghuram Rajan who was RBI gove

Hyperinflation, what's that?

Kerala Floods :: World Accepts the Challenge to Rebuild Kerala

Kerala-floods, 2018:: World Accepts the Challenge to Rebuild Kerala People of Kerala and those who know them, have accepted the challenge arising from nature’s wrath which resulted in the worst flood the geographical area now known as Kerala experienced in almost hundred years. Something similar did happen in 1924 (famously known as the “flood of 99” where 99 refers to Malayalam Era 1099). But no comparison holds good, as in 1924 it was a natural calamity of a different dimension and scales with not as many dams, warning systems about weather etc and with much lesser humans living in the affected areas. Even in 1947, undivided India had a population of fewer than 40 crores against 130 crores in India alone today! What follows are some of my responses in the media and some unpublished thoughts, put together in different contexts during this month (August 2018). Commendable coordination Kerala is going through the worst calamitous situation anywhere in India in recent history