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Pitru Paksha: Some thoughts on relationship

The ritual of ancestral worship - Why crows represent ancestors? society/faith/pitru-paksha- shradh-the-ritual-of- ancestral-worship/ article29557890.ece The story behind crows representing ancestors. Normally relationships are considered close and remembered three generations either side. I knew only few from my grandfather's generation who were from our family. I'm yet to meet many from my grandson's generation (some introduce themselves on Facebook, thanks Social Media!) M G Warrier

Names and meanings: Sita as Vaidehi

When Sita turns Vaidehi - Names and meanings society/faith/when-sita-turns- vaidehi/article29522101.ece Some names are given (e g "Given name" as filled in a genuine passport). Some names and surnames one gets as a result of what one does. And yet others to indicate the DNA or the family to which one belongs. Not only in the case of humans or animals. Geographical, Botanical and zoological names too, I think, follow some pattern. M G Warrier 

Eka Sloki Ramayanam

EKA SLOKI RAMAYANAM blog/eka-sloki-ramayanam Interesting recap M G Warrier

Tamil Jainas: A miniscule minority's survival secrets

The story of Tamil Jainas - Frontline book review https://frontline.thehindu. com/books/article29499338.ece This review of the book on Tamil Jainas by Gopalakrishna Gandhi can be read independent of the book reviewed. Open the link and read to find out why I'm saying this. Most of us do not have the time or inclination to read the kind of book reviewed by Gandhi here. But if we don't read this review, we will not be able to appreciate the story of a miniscule minority population living in Tamil Nadu and contributing to the society in their own way. M G Warrier

Govindan S Thampi passes away : A tribute

 ഗൂഗിളിന് മുൻപേ ഗോവിന്ദൻ എസ്.തമ്പി https://www.manoramaonline. com/news/kerala/2019/09/27/ govindhan-s-thampi.html Govindan S Thampi passed away in Thiruvananthapuram. This obit tries to pay tribute to the departed soul. Posted online comment with prayers. The following link gives interesting information about the family to which Shri Govindan S Thampi belonged. M G Warrier Thekkae Putten Veedu and its glory - society/history-and-culture/ history-of-thekkae-putten- veedu-and-its-ties-with-the- royal-family-of-erstwhile- travancore/article23696071.ece

Coffee Puranam

The mini coffee shop in our home- Coffee culture http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ sep/28/the-mini-coffee-shop- in-our-home-2040119.htm Col. Mony has exhaustively covered the life-cycle of coffee from beans to India Coffee House. My acquaintance with coffee started with the presence of a dozen or more coffee trees (they were much bigger than plants!), bearing bunches of coffee fruits (with beans inside) during summer, in the north extreme of the large compound in which our ancestral home was there. They were under the shades of a big tamarind tree. In 1957, I got an opportunity to visit Wayanad. Staying there for about a week, I saw large tea and coffee farms. Those days, Wayanad had a pleasant and cool weather throughout the year. Fans were not in use. Most of the kitchens will have black coffee boiling in an earthen/aluminum pot boiling 24x7.Hot Dry Ginger Coffee sweetened with palm-jaggery was very energizing. In 1963, when I reached Trivandrum, cof

Embodiment of "Pranava" & Significance of "Om"

Embodiment of Pranava - Significance of "Om" Embodiment of Pranava - society/faith/embodiment-of- pranava/article29533437.ece Also copied below is the link to my brief note on Om published @Speaking Tree M G Warrier Significance of Om blog/significance-of-om

Indian Civil Services :: Overhaul overdue

Subject: Recasting the steel frame - Frontline book review https://frontline.thehindu. com/books/article29499217.ece

Net Threat

Millions of kids in India access the Net on their parents’ devices, says study - A timely warning https://www. variety/millions-of-kids-in- india-access-the-neton-their- parents-devices-says-study/ article29530768.ece M G Warrier's response:    Letters September 27, 2019 Content management The report “Millions of kids in India access the Net on their parents' devices, says study” (HBL, September 27) will, quite likely, be skipped by many, as this is no news in India. But the issues covered in the report deserves serious attention for immeddiate corrective action to save GenNext from following the fate of their peers in so called developed countries. Violence and vulgarity are essential ingredients of many programmes accessible on-screen today. Any effort to put restrictions on them is viewed as encroachment on creativity, freedom of expression and so on. Law makers and those responsible for enforcement are facing different k

Remembering Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

Subject: Song of the Open Road article/express-sunday-eye/ song-of-the-open-road-pather- panchali-bengali-literature- bibhutibhushan-bandyopadhyay- 6010350/ Remembering Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay  M G Warrier

Faith serves a social purpose

Consecration helmed by women - Faith serving social causes and mutual help society/faith/consecration- helmed-by-women/ article29519333.ece Faith helps people to come together for mutual support. M G Warrier

Golden Days Will Be Back

Snakes, nomads and a lonely peepal tree- "The Golden Days Will Be Back" http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ sep/26/snakes-nomads-and-a- lonely-peepal-tree-2039194. html Nostalgia is not only about bygone days buried in the past. It's also about unfolding future. Uncertainties may be growing faster than GDP or inflation. Meeting an old friend, talking to someone whom you contacted decades ago or smiling to a one year old you meet in the lift changes the way you think. It's fresh in my mind now. An hour back, I met an eight-month-old in the lift. I was meeting her first time. She kept looking into my eyes and smiling till she was taken out of the lift on reaching her floor.  M G Warrier

PMC Bank shocker: Save Banking System

Yesterday, I responded in the media about RBI action against PMC Bank. Moneylife and The Hindu Business Line published my response online. Print edition of HBL and Business Standard who received my response in letter format opted not to publish today. Today, I have sent the following to them again: M G Warrier Letters September 26, 2019 Save Banking System This refers to your editorial “Strengthen co-operative banks ” (September 26). This time around, one is afraid, the inept handling of PMC Bank mess may have an impact on the trust people had in the Indian Banking System since 1960’s. With the nationalization of major commercial banks (1969) and extension of coverage of the Banking Regulation Act to cooperatives (1966), common man believed that someone is in control of the banks in India and his savings deposited in banks were safe. Obviously, the action initiated by RBI imposing restrictions in the functioning of the PMC Bank is with good intentions and aimed at protec

Sun praises Moon: Srirama's qualities

Sun’s praise for Moon - 16 "kalaas" of Moon and 16 qualities of Rama society/faith/suns-praise-for- moon/article29511285.ece The faith column in The Hindu daily is worth following. Someone writes it for you, based on a discourse by a learned person, somewhere in Chennai. Every anecdote is self-contained and loaded with inspiring thoughts.  M G Warrier

Remembering an Onam feast out there in a desert

An Onam feast in a remote Saudi desert- Language matters! http://www.newindianexpress. com/opinions/mindspace/2019/ sep/09/an-onam-feast-in-a- remote-saudi-dessert-2030989. html Occasionally, getting reminded about the feasts one enjoyed is something one can feel good about. Doesn't matter, whether it is Onam feast or Aranmula Valla Sadya or anything like that. M G Warrier

PMC Bank: Moneylife report

While RBI Acts Strict About Giving New Banking Licence, How Was A Director of HDIL Group Controlling PMC Bank?: Moneylife article/while-rbi-acts-strict- about-giving-new-banking- licence-how-was-a-director-of- hdil-group-controlling-pmc- bank/58263.html Posted online comments M G Warrier

RBI restrictions on PMC Bank

PMC Bank depositors panic as RBI places curbs -  https://www. money-and-banking/pmc-bank- depositors-panic-as-rbi- places-curbs/article29502275. ece Posted online comments. My response copied below: M G Warrier PMC Bank shocker M G Warrier    Letters September 25, 2019 PMC Bank shocker This refers to the report “PMC Bank depositors panic as RBI places curbs” (Business Line, September 25). Obviously, the action initiated by RBI is with good intentions and aimed at protecting the interests of bank depositors including the PMC Bank clientele. One objective of imposing a ceiling on withdrawal from deposit account with the bank is to guard against panic withdrawals which may cause a run on the bank. Fair enough. More transparency in such measures is needed, as today, the public trust in the financial system is not very high. The inadvertent efforts to destabilize the institutional system including those responsible for regulation and s

Mathrubootham handles a guest at home When did you have a guest at home last? Ok...Ok Some good tips to handle guests M G Warrier

Sad demise: Shri G S Iyer (79- Ex-RBI)

RBI related demise: Shri G S Iyer Reporting with deep sorrow the sad demise of Shri G Subramania Iyer (79 years) in Thiruvananthapuram, yesterday (September 22, 2019) night. He retired as General Manager, RBI and is survived by his wife, son and two daughters.  GS (for Trivandrum colleagues GS Iyer has always been GS) had been having some health issues for the last few years. He was an affectionate and caring family person, a helpful friend and a dedicated worker. We have worked together on different occasions. For me, he is more than a brother (I've only sisters). In July 1979, when my father passed away in Trivandrum, GS and my neighbor accompanied us (me, wife and son) in the Ambulance which took the body to my father's Illam in Payyanur, 600km away. Anyone who once came in contact with GS will remember him for the pleasant smile and pleasing behavior. We met him at his residence in Vellayambalam (Thiruvananthapuram) during May 2019. May his soul rest in peace.

PM Modi's wardrobes: RTI query is in bad taste

RTI query reveals PM Modi spends on his clothing, no expenses borne by government story/rti-query-pm-modi- spends-own-clothing-expenses- not-borne-government-1144133- 2018-01-12 Posted online comments. The RTI query is motivated and in bad taste M G Warrier

Relevance of Paliath Achans : Manu S Pillai finds out

The Paliath Achans, a Cochin family that was once richer than the Maharajas - Past is not just history society/history-and-culture/ the-paliath-achans-a-cochin- family-that-was-once-richer- than-the-maharajas/ article29469185.ece Manu, whose writings I want to survive "Manuantaras", 👌 I'm posting here, with a hurry usually found among social media trollers. Manu S Pillai has won the Sahitya Academy Yuva Puraskar for his first book and many more awards are awaiting him, as he proceeds with his passion to dig out gems from the past for us. M G Warrier

Three Upanishads: Some Maverick thoughts

Isavasyopanishad - Essays on the Upanishads https://www.swami- 1.html Last few days I was trying to locate some basis for a statement I wanted to share with you. The statement is this: "Vedic literature doesn't talk about religion. Basic "Gospels" of major religions also do not compartmentalize humanity into different religions. Religion is an afterthought of some vested interests which was conceptualized with selfish motives much later in the evolution of civilization." I couldn't get much to substantiate this, by Google search. If you have any views or information on this subject please let me know. If you don't, please don't waste your time, open the link for some interesting thoughts. The link takes us to brief introduction to 3 Upanishads: Isavasyopanishad, Kathopanishad and Kenopanishad. For those who are interested in knowing more a collection of 8 Upanishads is available in book form with Sanskrit tex

Calm mind in a busy body

Finding Calmness In The Midst Of Activity article/finding-calmness-in- the-midst-of-activity Importance of breath. Breath is much more than inhalation and exhalation, though they are important. M G Warrier

FM's announcement releasing liquidity

Subject: FM opens the liquidity tap for Bharat - https://www. economy/policy/fm-opens-the- liquidity-tap-for-bharat/ article29461064.ece Posted online comments (now live) My response also appeared in the print edition of The Hindu Business Line on September 21, 2019. Link: https://www. opinion/letters/letters-to- the-editor/article29470766.ece (See last letter) M G Warrier

Re-rooting life

Malaysian writer Tashi Aw on his search for stability - Re-rooting life books/books-authors/living- between-borders/ article29459083.ece An uprooted plant takes time to get adjusted to new soil. Life is not different M G Warrier

Monetary Policy: Multiple Objectives, One Policy

Submitted version of aticle published in the September 2019# issue of The Global ANALYST: #{ Article on PSBs Merger inOctober 2019 issue of The Global ANALYST} Monetary Policy Multiple objectives, one policy M G Warrier “Gold’s long-term prospect is up, up and up, and the reason why I say hat is money supply is up, up and up. I think you have to be buying at any level, frankly. With the efforts by the central banks to lower interest rates, they’re going to be printing like crazy” Mark Mobius, Founder, Mobius Capital Partners (Quoted in Business Standard, August 21, 2019) After receiving and giving some shocks (Yes, the reference is to S C Garg led reference to Section 7 of RBI Act by finance ministry while communicating with then governor Urjit Patel and the premature exits of Patel and Viral Acharya), it is, seemingly, business as usual at Mint Road. The grace with which RBI handled the situation deserves appreciation. If someone is still in doubt about

Value of Guru : Story of Satyakama Jabali

Value of Guru - Story of Satyakama Jabali society/faith/value-of-guru/ article29461642.ece Learning from Guru is the best option. But, if someone thinks, one can talk about Economics only if the fellow has become a Fellow by managing a stay in Harvard or Cambridge,  check it out with Gautam M G Warrier

Credit for growth: FM's September 19, 2019 announcement

Public sector bank loans: Banks to organise 'loan melas' in 400 districts ​​within a month: Nirmala Sitharaman news/economy/policy/banks-to- organise-loan-melas-in-400- districts-in-the-next-one- month-nirmala-sitharaman/ articleshow/71205308.cms M G Warrier's response:     Letters September 20, 2019 Credit for growth This refers to the report “FM opens the liquidity tap for Bharat” (Business Line, September 20, 2019). Representing the majority-stake owner of PSBs, the Finance Minister is duty-bound to give directions to the banks in regard to the priorities which should guide them while allocating credit. But the way in which expectations from the banking system were announced on September 19, 2019 by Nirmala Sitharaman is reminiscent of the Loan Mela days of last century. Indian Banking System has the resources to provide adequate need-based credit to all sectors contributing to the country’s economic growth. There is ne