Universal Healthcare: Can we not move faster?

This experience narrated by my friend Fadnawis raises some questions. I am not venturing to list the questions. Let us think!

Dear friends,

As many of you may remember, immediately after joining exrbites group, I let you know that I am working for a NGO, Apala Ghar, which works for the destitute orphan children, senior citizens, and villagers in remote villages in need of medical care. Recently, we have started a Mobile Medical Unit for such villagers living in far flung remote areas not having any medical facility, Govt. or otherwise nor connected with urban location. Yesterday, I decided to accompany the unit to two distant villages. The experience I had was memorable, , to say the least. For the first time in my life I realized that how many poor villagers are deprived of the much needed necessity. The moment our van entered  the villages, people, old and young, women, girls, farm labourers, all poured from the lanes forming a long queue at the entrance of the van. In about 2 hours,  50 patients were examined by our doctor and given necessary medicines. A lady patient requested us to visit her residence as her old father was unable to walk  even two steps. We were warmly received and treated with utmost respect. 

All this I have explained as a background and to laud our activity. The thing that I felt the most was the utter state of deprivation that these people are living in and even after 65 years of Independence they are as far away from the bare necessities of life as they were then. I admit that major blame goes to our administration but as citizen are we doing enough to improve the situation.? The scenario needs change drastically. My appeal is directed to those young medical graduates who after choosing this noble profession join the race for admission to PG courses to become specialists and of course,  establish themselves. This has resulted in severe lack of MBBS doctors which  was once a very respected and trusted institution known as family doctor. Thousands of such MBBS graduates are needed to provide medical services to our rural population.By acquiring higher degrees in their field these medical aspirants may get fame, money and prosperity but not satisfaction, I am afraid. Believe me, you will derive immense satisfaction when you see the expression of gratitude on the face of a poor patient which cannot be compared with a fat fee you receive from a wealthy patient, my young friends. Try it. I request the parents of these children too, to inculcate in them this sense of service instead of encouraging them to hanker after more and more money.

Sharad Fadnavis-M-252   


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