Worship controversy

In different places of worship, the Daiety is installed in different postures. Ananthashayanam (Thiruvananthapuram) to Aravamudhan (Kumbhakonam), Mookambika to Devi Kanyakumari, Shiva with entire environment we need to protect worn on his body to Balakrishna with the entire existence in his mouth (Mother Yashoda saw this)or stomach (During Pralayam) or as himself (Arjuna saw it) depending on which story one is familiar with.
Back in Kerala, Parassinikkadavu Muthappan in Kannur District doesn't mind devotees having bottles of toddy in hand, Kodungallur Devi encourages abusive language during the pilgrimage, Lord Ayyappa has his own terms for devotees visiting him. There are temples for getting cured of different ailments including insanity in Kerala.
Just some stray thoughts.
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M G Warrier


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