Army reforms

Army reforms

This refers to the report “Army okays reforms to ‘right-size’ force” (Business Standard, October 14). Though such reforms may be matters internal to the concerned organizations, one genuinely feels that a little more publicity about measures like this would help improve the public trust in organizations like this. While making this observation, I have in mind the recent report in this paper on the Accountant Generals’ Conference convened by CAG (again a once-in-two year forum).
Perhaps, time is opportune for all government and public sector organizations in India to take up serious In-house studies about enhancing operational and functional efficiency, optimizing budget expenditure, facilitating modernization and addressing aspirations.
Restructuring officers’ cadre, aligning remuneration packages and career progression to market realities, redesigning the age profile at higher levels are all issues needing immediate attention in public sector organizations in India.
Goes along with this the need to ensure continuity at the top level, including board level. At board and top management level, appointments should in the normal course be for 3 to 5 years and fitness considerations should precede age restrictions. Except in exceptional situations, incumbents on boards and top level (say down to Executive Director level) should continue in office till replacements are made.

MG Warrier, Mumbai


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