The Hindu : Arts / History & Culture : Memories of an unsung war

The Hindu : Arts / History & Culture : Memories of an unsung war
All war memories are awsome.
Most of the time, memories of war are awesome. Except in mythology, till today, wars are fought between nations or armies which never enjoy a ‘level playing field’. 1962 war was thrust upon India, at a time this country was not prepared for a war in any sense. Patriotism of an army and preparedness of a nation to defend its freedom and geography at any cost were the only factors that kept India ‘going’, those days.  More tragic is the refusal of those who are destined to have a say in governments today to remember history and the marks (scars) wars have left on the face of humanity. Even at this moment, somewhere in the world, preparations for a war, much more disastrous than the 1962 war is in full swing. Developed nations improve their GDP by marketing war. Reminders like this article should open the eyes of those who are closing their eyes to lessons from the past, lest some of us will be the victims, and today, no bodies will remain to be dug out.M G Warrier


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