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A monthly bulletin from M G Warrier incorporating select published letters/links to articles (and some stray thoughts based on what he read/saw and wrote during the month). Mailed during the third week of every month. Please send your responses and views to mgwarrier@rediffmail.com

Vol III, No 6-7, June-August, 2013

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Dear readers
 The second avataar of My Page will not be emailed in this format after this issue. I take this opportunity to thank all my readers and well wishers who have encouraged me to keep this going. As most of my articles/comments are being mailed/posted at Warrier’s Blog http://mgwarrier.blogspot.in/  as and when published, discontinuance of My Page will be of little consequence. Many of you have access to VITALINFO also where links to my articles/comments appear almost daily. VITALINFO can be accessed at http://mangeshtarambale.blogspot.in/ 
Those esteemed readers who have difficulty in accessing these blogs can contact me mgwarrier@rediffmail.com


M G Warrier
July 29, 2013


The following articles were published during April-August, 2013 (Till August 7, 2013)

1.      The Gods Own Country: Uncertain Priorities, Global ANALYST, August, 2013.
2.      RBI’s new debt recast norms, Global ANALYST, May 2013.
3.      Cobrapost exposure: What next? : May 2013, Moneylife.in
4.      What is RBI Reading? ‘End of Poverty’: Jeffrey D Sachs, RBI Newsletter, April 30, 2013.
5.      BRICS Development Bank: Prospects and Challenges, Global ANALYST, May 2013.
6.      Do we need a regulator for unclaimed deposits? May 4, 2013 Moneylife.in
7.      FSLRC Recommendations on RBI: Stop, Look and Proceed! April 10, 2013 Moneylife.in

To read more articles by MG Warrier, @Moneylife.in

Letters, Economic Times, August 6, 2013

Towards the Total Review

This refers to ET editorial “A New Commission for New States” (August 5). This is a timely suggestion. Boundaries of states within the country, the method of sharing revenue and resources among Centre and states, the basic issue of continuance of the present division of responsibilities between Centre and states and several other relationship issues of governance affecting the people are due for a review. These issues should be revisited, as several ingredients of governance have changed since the time of independence. There are voices of dissent from several quarters. Legislatures are being hijacked by interests other than conduct of democratic process of debates and coming to conclusion on vital issues. If central government is not able to cause a review of the whole system, statesmen interested in the nation’s integrity and uniform economic and social development should come together and come forward with suggestions for change after due deliberations. Perhaps, this paper could take the lead in opening the debate.


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