The smile that made the day: The Hindu Open Page

This happened to be the first article I read today. I again remembered, organizing the day's schedule is not in my hands. What I have to do is, act the 'bit role' given for the moment, being aware that someone is "watching" and, my next role, next moment will depend on the impression I am able to create in the mind of the "power" that is watching my performance...
Back to the article. The content has come to us earlier... But, the smile and the appeal in the concluding remarks made by the author carry messages we often skip or ignore.
Take my own case. For years, I accumulated loads of things including a vacuum cleaner (purchased long back and was never used!). This May (2017) when were shifting from first floor to renovated ground floor, we disposed half the accumulations. Now I've to get rid of some books including a six volume set of Mahabharatham (purchased@80 to 120 per volume, now available at Rs2500 for the same set at

M G Warrier


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