Pranab Da to teach at IIMA

IIMA initiative

This refers to Vinay Umarji’s report “Professor Pranab to debut at IIM” (September 9). IIMA has a tradition of promoting serious studies which support current research needs in grassroots level economic development.  It is heartening to see that the institution has taken a refreshing initiative that will lead to the professionalization of bureaucracy and political leadership at the highest level, in due course.
GOI, state governments, and political parties should help IIMA in quickly disseminating the benefit of these efforts to focus on the ‘role of public policy in inclusive development’ by sponsoring students and recruiting students who complete the course successfully at appropriate levels in the system. Time is opportune for political parties to go for large-scale campus recruitment to support their cadres to become efficient professionals who need not remain dependent on ‘staff’ for the formulation, understanding, and interpretation of policies.
Beyond knowledge-sharing, the occasional presence of seasoned celebrities from politics and administration at academic premises will add to the brand-value and elegance of institutions like IIMs.

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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