M G Warrier                              

September 28, 2018

Historic judgments 

Controversies notwithstanding, outgoing Chief Justice Dipak Misra will have a distinguished place in India’s legislative, legal and judicial history. Not just for having pronounced maximum judgments during the last lap of the tenure, or for having dictated the maximum number of words having an impact on the lives of maximum Indians, during the last week of his presence in the Apex Court. The judgments he pronounced during September 2018 covered matters relating to rituals, conflicts and controversies and identity and relationship issues beyond sectorial boundaries and spreading over several centuries.
CJI who will be passing on the baton to his successor this week worked under enormous pressure emanating from political and work-related situations which were not of his making. By and large, he handled the job on hand elegantly and avoided himself becoming controversial before the public eye.
One wishes, ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ (refer the ‘Preamble’ of Indian Constitution) takes the initiative taken by Chief Justice Misra by flagging the obsolete and redundant provisions in India’s statute books forward by forcing the government to give priority to legal reforms which are overdue. A national consensus irrespective of political affiliations is essential for such a move to fructify.

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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