Met FM before leaving India; offered to settle matters with banks: Mallya

Met FM before leaving India; offered to settle matters with banks: Mallya: A source close to Mallya told Business Standard he had the date and place of the claimed meeting...

M G Warrier                              
September 13, 2018
Another view

This refers to Ashis Ray’s report “Met FM before leaving India: Mallya” (BS, September 13). It is amusing to see the media falling into the controversy trap being planted by vested interests to divert attention from relevant issues.
Memories, sometimes haunt us, at wrong occasions. Post-1947, UK and US and world bodies controlled by them and their allies were very friendly with India when they felt that we are able to manage our affairs on our own and kept a safe distance when we needed their support most. Giving a red carpet welcome to an Indian citizen after denying him a Visa for almost a decade and giving asylum to the rich ones "wanted" in India, by UK need to be seen in this background. Let us remember, interpretation of law and administration of justice need not always be mutually supportive.
We need not get unduly perturbed when ‘time pass’ happens in UK courts discussing the condition of toilets in jails in India or adjournments of matters we consider important happen for long months. But, we are not comfortable when Indian media celebrates alibis like ‘I had mentioned to FM, I had a plan to travel abroad’ by Mallya for his refusal to return to India in response to notices.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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