Forgive, but never forget! : Remembering Emergency

Forgive, but never forget* This refers to the article "The Emergency should never be forgotten" (The Hindu Business Line, June 22). Beyond the annual ritual of remembering good and bad events, this is a timely reminder to "We The People" to remain eternally vigilant, guarding the spirit of Indian Constitution. The 21 months starting with June 25, 1975 marked a period in Indian history when India existed with the citizens not being aware of what was happening to their friends and relatives, leave alone the happenings in the neighbourhood and elsewhere in the country. That's just to give an idea about what the strange animal, the Emergency was and traumatic experience we went through. We are not sure, it will not repeat, because there's not yet a vaccine that immunises against greed and thirst for power. The only safeguard is eternal vigil of the people who are magnanimous in forgiveness, but seldom forget unreasonable victimization. M G Warrier Mumbai *Published on June 23, 2023


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