Warrier's Collage on Sunday May 26, 2024

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Sunday May 26, 2024 Kerala Tourism : Ottam Thullal https://youtu.be/zgswsa18NBg?si=Uannj19opv1AbPp7 Good Morning Happy Birthday to all readers having Birthday this week. Due to unavoidable circumstances, this week Collage is being released a day late. Apologies. 🙏 M G Warrier A Trusteeship and Generosity https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/blogs/toi-edit-page/embracing-trusteeship-generosity-for-a-just-society/ B Remembering a house-warming We started staying in our own house in Sastamangalam on May 25, 1977. The house was constructed with a housing loan availed from RBI. After my ancestral house in the village was demolished following family partition I didn't have a house of my own from 1963. House-warming was a simple function to honour workers and in the evening several friends and colleagues visited us over a cup of tea. When my father joined us in July 1977, he checked whether any Puja was conducted for house-warming. I confessed the rituals that day were limited to those done by workers. Next holiday father carried out a "Ganapati Homam" in the house. 47 years passed since then and we have stayed in that house initially for 9 years and for short periods after my retirement in 2003. C A Happy Journey completing 51 years A journey together, started on May 27, 1973 with Sudha crosses over to 52nd year on Monday with Happy Memories 🙏 I have referred to my first meeting with Sudha while writing about her father T R Warrier in my blogpost @Times : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/remembering-a-freedom-fighter-from-wayanad-t-rama-warrier-42478/ The content also appears as Chapter 41 "Remembering a Freedom Fighter from Wayanad" in my 2023 book "Open Book of Happy Memories"*(Pages 94-95) *Open Book of Happy Memories: ( and Other Stories ) https://amzn.in/d/8wyXFZN D Current Affairs RBI's surplus transfer for 2023-24 Excerpts from RBI Press Release During accounting years 2018-19 to 2021-22, owing to the prevailing macroeconomic conditions and the onslaught of Covid-19 pandemic, the Board had decided to maintain the CRB at 5.50 per cent of the Reserve Bank’s Balance Sheet size to support growth and overall economic activity. With the revival in economic growth in FY 2022-23, the CRB was increased to 6.00 per cent. As the economy remains robust and resilient, the Board has decided to increase the CRB to 6.50 per cent for FY 2023-24. The Board thereafter approved the transfer of ₹2,10,874 crore as surplus to the Central Government for the accounting year 2023-24. Media Response* : RBI's surplus transfer Apropos your editorial "Fiscal dividend"(The Hindu Business Line, May 24), one feels comfortable to know that the healthy signals in the economy have reflected in the central bank's balance sheet. Incidentally, in a year following considerable losses reported by Federal Reserve and Bank of England. The transfer of more than double the amount expected by the owner(GOI) has happened after taking the reserves position to the upper end of the band of 5.5 percent to 6.5 percent recommended by Bimal Jalan Panel. Going by RBI's track record, there is no surprise or bonanza element in the proposed surplus transfer for 2023-24. Having said that, it is upto RBI to examine whether the bank should plead for augmentation of its share capital from the meagre Rs5 crores and prepare grounds for higher levels of reserves. The move will be welcomed by GOI, because, all through, RBI has been able to remain strongly supportive, whenever approached in its role as banker to government. It may be recalled that not in the very distant past reserves had almost touched the level of 12 percent and a target of 9 percent for reserves can be considered reasonable. M G Warrier Mumbai *Not published E Ten Upanishads The Ten Principal Upanishads (PM Modi Gifted a Copy to President Joe Biden) - ORIGINAL EDITION https://amzn.in/d/4PgzMIF Out of over a hundred popular Upanishads Shankaracharya selected major ten to write commentaries. Besides, Acharya has written commentaries on Brahma Sutras, Manusmriti and Gita among others. F Know More about anniversaries https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/anniversary-quotes May End Bonus Quotes from "Standing By Words" By Wendell Berry https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/220185-standing-by-words-essays


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