Warrier's Collage on Wednesday July 3, 2024

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Wednesday July 3, 2024 Prayer 🙏 : From Narayaneeyam Sandrananda... : K S Chitra https://youtu.be/Rhn0reQqVrE?si=xEquzl-KW3GGYXgM Good Morning Happy Birthday to all readers having Birthday during this week. Ayurarogyasaukhyam and Best Wishes. Nice Day M G Warrier A Media Responses I July 2, 2024 FM's policy on Right Frequency* This refers to the article "Now to Craft the Politics in Policy" by Mythili Bhusnurmath (Economic Times, July 2) which is optimistic in expecting FM to ensure policy continuity and continued harmony between monetary and fiscal policies. So far, the signals are positive about Modi 3.0 being a continuation of the previous two governments insofar as the broad approach to governance is concerned. In the article, the reality that "a fall in the inflation rate only means a reduction in the rate of increase in prices..." is bluntly stated followed with almost actionable prescriptions about possible fiscal measures that should find a place in policy formulation by the FM. The clear message is, as far as inflation management and employment generation are concerned, now the ball is in GOI's court. Budget 2024-25 will tell us what best FM will be able to do, notwithstanding the coalition pressures. M G WARRIER *Published on July 3 (attached) Note : Thank God 🙏 I wrote this letter in the forenoon of July 2, 2024. In the evening, after watching what was happening in Parliament after 4 p m my thoughts would have been different. Sharing this possibility of distraction, not because what I write matters much. The point I'm trying to make is, these days, events around us and across geographies influence our thoughts, words and actions. Yes, you guessed it right. The media decides the direction of public perceptions. II June 29, 2024 A matter of interpretation Apropos the report "DoPT for periodic review of PSBs, CPSEs staff" (The Hindu Business Line, June 29) one wonders whether the latest guidance from the DoPT has been interpreted with an overstretch which can cause unhappiness in the workforce. A second reading of the whole report clarifies that the new instructions are a reiteration of extant guidance on periodic performance reviews. Apparently there are no changes in the periodicity or process of reviews. Perhaps what is newly introduced is a monthly report on compliance of existing instructions which is an internal procedural issue. The interpretation in the report gives an impression that a new punitive initiative ending up with compulsory retirements is on the way. M G Warrier B Random Thoughts Social Media Some general observations about social media interaction : I'm in half a dozen Retirees Groups and several family/friends WhatsApp groups. Most of us are. The mobile feed including responses in groups and individual messages is a product of our Google searches and our own earlier responses. We have no control over the flow, once we get hooked in a stream of messages (be it spiritual, social, political, about vulgarity, science or whatever) the service providers ensure that our appetite disproportionately rises on that kind of messages. Earlier there was some control over the company we keep. Now no one including ourselves have any control over what we listen, read or think. Nothing to worry. This time also will pass 🙏 C Open Book of Happy Memories Book Learning-M G WARRIER.pdf Select Responses to the review published in the Business & HR Magazine Business Manager 1) Badrinarayanan Chennai Congratulations Sir. Sharing of memories going global! Thanks for sharing. Regards Badrinarayanan 2) Yerram Raju Dear Shri Govinda Warrier, Very nice to see the wonderful review of your Happy Memoirs. Regards and thanks B Yerram Raju, Ph.D. 3) Sitendra Kumar Dear Shri Warrier, A useful book for all of us. Purchased it on amazon just now. Send* one copy to GUV. Regards, Sitendra Kumar *Done 4) Duvvuri Subbarao Great initiative Shri Warrier. I am sure this book would have been a soothing influence in a time of extreme anxiety. I pray that you continue to be intellectually active for long years. Subba


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