Revisiting Mahabharata 5 : Bhagavad Gita

Mahabharata 5 : Bhagavad Gita Bhagavad Gita is positioned as Chapters 23 to 40 in the 3rd Section of the Sixth Parva -Bhishma Parva - of Mahabharata. Chinmayananda's Gita Yagya My review of the book @Amazon : Geeta Yagya Reviewed in India on 28 June 2024 Reading this book, remembered the 1960's when I had opportunity to listen to Chinmayananda's discourses on Geeta while in Kerala. Swamy's ability to pierce into the minds of audience using wit and wisdom is baffling. He developed Geeta Gyan Yagyas he conducted the world over, classrooms for imparting heritage wisdom of India. For those who missed the opportunity to listen to him direct, this book is a blessing. Many of Chinmaya's disciples are continuing the tradition of conveying the Divine Message through structured discourses across the world. Acharyas like Doraiswamy Shastrigal did lay the foundation on which Chinmayananda and others built the schools of Bhagavad Geeta." M G Warrier *Temporarily, this is the last in the series on Mahabharata started recently. Warrier's Collage is being resumed in a briefer format. I'm overwhelmed by the encouragement 🙏 I'm getting for my responses and contributions from editors, readers and friends.


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