Leadership vacuum

Business Line, August 18, 2012


Leadership vacuum

This refers to “India at 65, a rudderless ship” (Business Line, August 15). On the occasion of Independence Day, the feelings of a right-thinking Indian would not have found better expression. The absence of governance; refusal by a person, to whom circumstances provided the PM’s position on a platter, to rise to the occasion; and the bankruptcy of the political class have been brought out well.

UPA-2 by design had a one-item agenda of remaining in power for five full years. Manmohan Singh was entrusted with the task of ensuring this. CAG may write any report; the PM will not move a finger until forced by the benevolent employer.

Time was when people waited in small groups around radios with anticipation and hope to listen to the PM’s speech on every Independence Day. Now, it is difficult to find a single soul who has anything positive to say about the PM or the government he leads. As stated in the article, any change will be for the better.

M.G. Warrier


(This article was published on August 17, 2012)


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