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''As a legacy from the freedom movement we have been carrying a thought that ideally, our political leadership shold be a continuation of Indian National Congress which Gandhiji, left to himself would have dissolved in the last quarter of 1947. Recalled this to emphasise the need to come to terms with the present day reality that today our political leadership is an assortment of all sorts of people who are rich and powerful and expecting too much from them will disappoint us. To a certain degree those who went along with the IAC movement, including people like Bedi are facing a dilemma of sorts.We cannot blame them. Each of them were doing what they thought was right at a given time.Their efforts to reduce corruption in high places should be taken forward. Hazare, Bedi, Kejriwal, Bhushans all have done something to create awareness among people about what is going on and the need to change the course of governance. With or without them fight against corruption should move forward. M G WARRIER, Mumbai''

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