Veteran journalist B.G. Verghese dies at 88 - The Hindu

Veteran journalist B.G. Verghese dies at 88 - The Hindu

The Editors Guild of India released the following statement: “The passing of the veteran journalist and sensitive chronicler of post-Independence India’s triumphs and travails is a grievous loss to the world of journalism and to public and humanistic causes[..] A former president of the Editors Guild of India, he continued to guide the Guild and participate in all its activities till his last days. Mentor to several journalists in leading newspapers where he served as editor, prolific author of numerous books including his own memoirs and a biography of Ramnath Goenka, he served as the conscience of the media world. He had a gentle touch [and] a firm commitment to the public interest and humane values, and was firm in the belief that a conscientious journalist should take up an activist role in cause of peace and social harmony. The world of journalism and indeed public life as a whole would be much the poorer with his passing.”(Report in The Hindu, December 31, 2014)


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