Modi launches three ambitious social security schemes - Moneylife

Modi launches three ambitious social security schemes - Moneylife


the anxiety to reach out to more people, which is not a bad idea in a country
with a population of 1.25 billion, many of our plans, projects and schemes
overlook the end-use and ultimate objective.
the overenthusiasm to cover more numbers, give a feeling that policies are motivated
by the anxiety to sustain a low-income population which is perennially willing
to remain at ‘above starvation level’ with an ulterior eye on cheap labour. At
some stage, government will have to think in terms of poverty elimination by
ensuring adequate job opportunities, living wages, universal healthcare, improving
literacy to an acceptable level, reasonable level of social security for the
aged and the ‘challenged’ and make economic development more participative.
poverty alleviation is the objective, the present system where lenders and
entrepreneurs are protected at the cost of workforce which has a role in value
addition, is defective.  Those who are
willing to work will have to be given opportunities for asset creation and
savings which will help them meet their minimum needs relating to nutrition,
shelter, healthcare and education of children, as also securing a decent
post-job life.

am not against popular measures like the three schemes announced. My quarrel
emanates from the inadequacy of support to the needy.
M G Warrier


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