Coping with the technology outburst

Coping with the technology outburst: Media reports say 32 lakh debit cards issued by different banks are being replaced with cards with more security features. The National Payments Corporation of India has said complaints of fraudulent...

Technology outburst
The wider issue here is the fast-forward mode technology is adopting in order to compete in a market that is not much worried about ethics and morals. The forced withdrawal of products from the market by car manufacturers, food product giants and smartphone producers incurring heavy losses are fresh in our memory. Something is wrong somewhere, and the earlier we fix it the better for everyone

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M G Warrier


Unknown said…
It is essentially owed to unhealthy competition among the so called leading brands.
I have had a similar experience with BSNL.My Sim obtained from Chennai BSNL was corrupted and when I applied for one, all they have to do is to issue a new one as it was in use for more than 12 years. But the Hyderabad BSNL wanted the history, geography of not only mine but my forefathers too. The burden of proving that I am not a wanted Criminal before issuing a Sim was imposed upon me. One thing is obvious. We claim that we are technologically far ahead. But when it comes to the question of Service we are shamefully too primitive.

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