Must Read: Chanda Kochhar's inspiring letter to her daughter

Must Read: Chanda Kochhar's inspiring letter to her daughter: ICICI Bank's CEO and MD advice to her daughter on how to deal with situations in life...

Excerpts from Chanda Kochar's letter to her daughter:

"I was only a young girl of 13 when my father passed away from a sudden heart attack, leaving us unprepared to take on life without him. We had been protected from life's challenges so far. But without warning, all that changed overnight. And my mother, who had been a homemaker till then, faced the responsibility of raising three children all on her own. It was then that we realised how strong she was and how determined to do her duty in the best possible manner. Slowly, she discovered a flair for designing and textiles, found herself a job with a small firm, and quickly made herself indispensable to them. It must have been challenging for her to shoulder the responsibility of bringing up her family single-handed, but she never let us feel like it was a task for her. She worked hard till she saw all of us through college and we became independent. I never knew that my mother had such a wealth of self-assurance and belief within her."


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