Keralappiravi 2023

Keralappiravi November 1 Media Response November 1, 2023 Chat Room Kerala Development Plan Kerala formation day (Keralappiravi) Celebration lasting for few days from November 1, is an occasion to begin some longlasting reforms. In Mumbai, the world's largest Slum area, Dharavi is being rehabilitated using adjacent Railway land (about 45 acres) and encashing the rebuilding prospects in the area now occupied by Dharavi. If the principles applied for the proposed rehabilitation of Dharavi are adapted for redevelopment of Kerala's Coastal areas as also hills and tribal areas the thickly populated strip of land can become the first developed state in India. Steps like shifting people from certain areas and rehabilitating them in nearby areas, providing adequate transport arrangements for their travel to work place and other necessary infrastructure should be part of the rehabilitation plan. M G WARRIER Mumbai


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