Thought for the day Wednesday November 15, 2023

Thought for the day : Secret of happiness I have been coming across people who are happy despite worldly reasons to be unhappy and those who are unhappy though they are blessed with all good things others consider can make them happy. Let's take X from the first category (who are happy despite reasons to be unhappy) and Y from the second category (who feel unhappy though, according to others they have no reasons to be unhappy). From among the people I know, I have selected one each from X and Y category. I suggest you also keep an X and a Y from among your acquaintances for a discussion on the subject. I have found that X has been doing good things, given a chance, without bargaining on the immediate benefits for himself. Whereas Y has been wasting time, fixing responsibility on someone else to do the same job though he could do it immediately without much loss for himself 🙏 I have tried to be brief in my presentation. If you are free, please share one quality each you observed in X and Y in your mind. M G Warrier


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