Remembering Kannamkulathillath Narayanan Namboodiri

Remembering Kannamkulathillath Narayanan Namboodiri My Narayanettan (81) passed away after a brief illness on January 3, 2024. When his sister in law, a retired teacher who called me to inform would not have noticed the funny expression on my face as if I was expecting some bad news. This happens when we interact only for sharing some important information. My maternal grandfather who left us when I was a primary school student had the same name as Narayanettan : Kannamkulathillath Narayanan Namboodiri. Narayanettan is the great grandson of my paternal grandfather who is the elder half -brother of my maternal grandfather. Let me stop confusing further. This morning (January 4, 2024), Narayanettan's son Dr Sankaran Nambudiri working with Kottakkal Aryavaidyasala, Mangalore Branch called me. Leaving traditions, he recognises me as his Dad's younger brother and calls me "Apphan" with the Nambudiri accent which vibrates from head to toe. My father used to address his father's younger brother as "Apphan". When I was in high school, father had brought Narayanettan from Illam to the temple where we were staying. He was with us for few months. By that time he had dropped out of school and I remember he told me once, that was the only exposure for him outside Payyanur during his childhood. I have attended his wedding in the traditional way and some other functions at Illam. Last time I met him was for the Kaliyattam a few years ago. Over the years, he lived through the ups and downs of Kannamkulathillath Illam and was lucky to see his son as a doctor whose care he received in good measure in his last years.


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