An exercise in continuity - The Hindu: Raghuram Rajan

An exercise in continuity - The Hindu

A well-balanced view. We needed an expert like Dr Rajan  to interpret RBI in a language that will be understood by his generation which is in charge world over. The Indian leadership in every field is 10 to 25 years older than the average age of world leadership.
The observation "The crux of the matter is irrespective of who is in charge there cannot be a radical policy shift from one Governor to another" says it all.Till such time the external interests and internal disruptive forces succeed in totally dismantling the RBI, it will be difficult to divert RBI's attention from real national priorities. There is a nurtured institutional culture in this institution which has been accepted and further supported by most of  the Governors and Deputy Governors upto Dr Rajan. 

M G Warrier


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