India’s heart is in the right place - The Hindu

India’s heart is in the right place - The Hindu


Coming from a person who
has gone deep into the several dimensions of the human sensitivity and legal
and logistic issues involved in heart transplant, hopefully, the contents will
receive the attention they deserve from people who can influence policies and
procedures that can make things easier at the execution stage.
My suggestion is that
some responsible organisation like Indian Medical Association should prepare a
comprehensive check list for carrying out organ transplants factoring in all
linkages including counselling and legal formalities. I am not saying that the
details of procedures are not there in ‘books’. But creating more awareness
will help. Perhaps, one insurance company or a group of insurance companies
could provide cover for such procedures accepting a premium from centres where facilities
exist for such transplants.
The final question raised
by the author, “Why is it I wondered, that we can receive blood and a heart
from another, without worrying about caste, creed or gender, but we cannot wear
another’s skull cap?” will remain a lingering pain for the majority and a small
minority which is greedy and powerful would strive to see that sane voices
remain stifled.
M G Warrier,


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