Unlocking growth through labour reforms - The Hindu

Unlocking growth through labour reforms - The Hindu


This refers to the
article “Unlocking growth through labour reforms”(March 21). It  is comforting to see a member of parliament
from the ruling party analysing an issue touching the majority of Indian
workforce with deep insight and making every observation backed by available
data. One wishes more members of legislatures do similar homework and make
policy formulation more realistic.
There are several issues
impairing the efficiency of India’s workforce in addition to the primary ones
like inadequate minimum wages(it is common knowledge that Minimum Wage Acts,
where existing, are also violated quite often) referred to in the article, low
literacy levels, abject poverty and responsible authorities turning blind when
violations of laws meant to protect the interests of workers happen in broad daylight
make workers’ life miserable.
Most of the forceful
arguments for labour law reforms come from industry sources or spokespersons of
landlords clamouring for ‘cost-reduction’ or stifling workers’ rights and are seldom
G Warrier
, Thiruvananthapuram


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