Abel prize for a beautiful mind - The Hindu

Abel prize for a beautiful mind - The Hindu

Concluding three paragraphs copied below:

M G Warrier

"Prof. Nash’s achievement is all the more spectacular in the context of the personal suffering he had to overcome. Nash suffered from paranoid delusions for nearly 25 years during which he could not productively engage with mathematics. But years of hospitalization and treatment did not affect his progress because, after the break, he came back to mathematics at Princeton University and did outstanding work in partial differential equations.
This by itself should inspire many who grapple with mental illness or substance abuse and are unable to talk about it to anyone; to those who resist medication not realizing that it could alleviate their problem to a large extent and those who simply don’t know that their disorders could be treated.
John Nash’s life stands as a powerful example of the triumph of the human spirit, the beauty and joy of mathematics and, most of all, of how mental illness can be treated and need not stand in the way of joy and success."


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