Fake emails

ODISHA SUN TIMES Imposters claiming to be RBI Guv cheating Odisha people Odisha Sun Times Bureau Bhubaneswar, Apr 29: Fraudsters claiming to be Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan are sending out emails to many people in Odisha asking to fill up and send back some forms in order to win millions of dollars. to appear genuine and ask the readers to send out information such as name, address, mobile phone number, profession, nationality, marital status, email address, bank account number, branch etc to win the million dollar lottery provided by the British Government. Many people in Bhubaneswar have claimed to receive such fraudulent emails that attempt to steal personal information and even at times manage to phish out money from bank accounts. Bhubaneswar DCP Satyabrata Bhoi had a word of caution against this. “Do not provide any information if you receive any such email. Contact your nearest police station and bank if required. We have witnessed few incidents in recent past where the fraudsters managed to take out money from bank accounts after collecting banking details from customer over phone and SMS,” said Bhoi. Every month the commissionerate police receives 4-5 complaints where people complain to have lost lakhs after providing personal information to imposters. These fraudsters usually call from places out of Odisha and identify themselves to be officers from different banks and ask the naive users to provide their name, debit/credit card number, bank account number, CVN/CVV number, expiry details of card, PIN number etc and then loot all the money from customer’s account after getting the required information. My online comments: Such emails, sent out from fake email IDs, are reaching the Inboxes of many internet users. Users should be guarded against such cheats, by a clear advice not to respond to such mails. A little more effort on the part of service providers and media to create awareness about ‘cheats’ using the system to elicit information from individuals which can be used later to cause loss of money or reputation to those provide the information, will goa long way in reducing such instances. Internet is not the only place such ‘cheats’ play mischief. M G Warrier


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