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Three speeches, three futures - The Hindu


need political professionals
This refers to the
article “Three speeches, three futures”(April 23). This excellent analysis of
the context and content of the three speeches makes interesting reading. I do
not subscribe to the concluding desperation expressed through “stop the train,
I want to get off”, though. The trio Rahul Gandhi, Yechury and Modi makes a
representative cross section of today’s political leadership. For historic
reasons, people who accept politics as a career option in India come from ‘family’,
cadre, or ‘social work’. We need more and more people to take up politics as a
profession, if we have to weed out the fourth category which has usurped
political power in India.
India can no more depend
on the feeder base of school/college drop-outs, retired civil service officers,
children/grand children from families of politicians who belonged to the
freedom struggle era or certain other part-time employees who accepted as a
pastime. Profession of politics has to grow beyond the AAP-Phase, which was an
explosion of the urge for changing the status quo, when an assortment of professionals,
technocrats, unhappy youth and jobless rich came together to try their luck in
politics. If this has to happen, politics will have to be taught at
graduate/post-graduate levels, jobs in politics including party work become
remunerative like any other profession and elections at all levels less costly.
All this will depend on an attitudinal change of, again, the political

G Warrier
, Thiruvananthapuram


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