My views on ‘demonetization’
This Blog takes on record diverse views on issues it discusses by providing links to  published articles on current issues. After November 8 announcement  on withdrawal of legal tender character of Rs1000 and Rs500 notes, media was flooded with articles on the subject. Representative views have been accommodated here. I have responded through online comments, letters and a couple of articles. My next article on the subject (which was originally submitted on December 15 and revised twice in the context of RBI’s December 19 circular(finally we dropped the mention about December 19, 2016 circular as it was practically withdrawn on December 21) will appear in January 2017 issue of The Global Analyst.

M G Warrier

Select links to articles published in newspapers/magazine on the subject given below:

Usha Thorat

Usha Thorat's article published in The Indian Express calls for introspection within Reserve Bank of India. 

The mother of all disruptions


"Evidence is mounting of the disruptive effects of the recent move to renew currency notes, known as “demonetisation”. Disruption is actually a mild expression. What is happening is a catastrophe for large sections of the population. Farmers have dumped vegetables by the roadside for want of a remunerative price. Migrant workers have returned home after losing their jobs. Street vendors are struggling with a slump in demand. And, of course, many people have died while waiting in queues outside banks or committed suicide after unsuccessful attempts to get cash from the banks."


Links to article on the subject by P Chidambaram and one published in the Forbes Magazine (January 27, 2017) copied below:

P Chidambaram

Forbes Magazine

Blog Post No W2488/28122016


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