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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE Weekly Edition On Sunday December 18, 2022 1) Sanskrit effect on memory https://youtu.be/_LfBNV459dI (Link Courtesy : S Thyagarajan) 2) Niagara of India https://youtu.be/Y5aoo9KLp0Q Know More : https://chhattisgarhtourism.co.in/chitrakote-waterfall-chhattisgarh.html Good Morning 🌄 Happy Birthday to all readers having Birthday during the week ending Saturday December 24, 2022. Ayurarogyasaukhyam 🙏 and Best Wishes (Next issue of Collage on Wednesday) Nice Day M G Warrier Thus spake Messi https://theanalyst.com/eu/2022/12/lionel-messi-world-cup-stats-argentina-2022-final/ A 1) Franklin Misquith turned 80 on Friday, December 16, 2022: On Friday I shall turn 80. It adds up to four score, But I don't feel in any way sore, For to Him I say a prayer, And I'm ever under His watchful care, I have since lost all my hair, Some folk look at me with a stare, I cannot climb any stair, But I take care of landing in his lair, I am still none the worse wear, But daily I say a prayer, I have become old, But He has turned my heart into gold, I do not feel the cold, For I firmly belong to His fold, Now I have not travelled around the world, But I prefer on my couch to remain curled. Happy Birthday and Ayurarogyasaukhyam 🙏-Collage 2) TNC Rangarajan Shared a link : https://singularityhub.com/2022/12/06/what-constitutes-a-mind-lars-chittka-challenges-our-perception-of-sentience-with-the-smallest-of-creatures/ 3) C V Subbaraman Comments participating in an interaction on "Shoonya" : It appears to me that the Commentary by Aadi Shankara is the most appropriate. Since God is without any attributes (Gunaas), he APPEARS TO BE Soonya. We should remember that Aadi Shankara propounded the philosophy that what "appears" to our eyes is "Maayaa". So the naama Soonya as appearing in the Sahasranaama should not be taken to mean nothingness. Take for instance when I once said: In a place, say a hall, where some one asked pointing to an "empty" chair, whether it is empty. If we said that yes, we shall not be telling the TRUTH, because God being omnipotent is present in that space! But we are saying that it is empty (soonya). That therefore Soonya is only apparent and not real. We have to therefore understand the meaning of the name Soonya in a constructive poistive manner. There are several apparent self contradictions in the Sahasranaama: for instance, verse 78 "Eko Naikah..." Ekah and Na Ekah = One , and Not One! Verse 90: Anur Brhat Krsha Sthhoolo = Atom, Immensely large, Lean and Fat..... Verse 33: Adrshyo Vyaktaroopascha (not possible to be seen or invisible, (yet) clearly visible form) verse 83: Durlabho (not easily attainable) Verse: 88: Sulabhah (Easily attainable). Each of the apparent self contradictions will get cleared when we understand the context, innner meaning or connotations in their right perspective. Subbaraman 4) Sitendra Kumar* Dear Shri Warrier, Thanks, very many thanks for the Collage, my morning digest. As promised by me earlier, based on Shri Babusenan's article on ' Photographic Memory' where he mentioned about the movie Torn Curtain, I saw the same and the miraculous effect of the memory of the American scientist is highlighted after one hour twenty five minutes of the start of the movie. I'm giving the link of the movie, really a spectacular one for the role played by Paul Newman and Julie Andrews who penetrate the Russian territory at the height of the cold war. The link is as follows; https://gomovies.sx/home https://gomovies.sx/movie/watch-torn-curtain I must thank you for the kind information that Dr Raghuram Rajan wrote something about Pension issues in RBI Annual Report. So kind of him. Shri C V Subbaraman's views on Judicial overreach in various aspects of the Monetary Policy merit serious consideration. Shri Warrier has explained well the various aspects on RBI's chase of inflation target. It's worth reading. Although lately the inflation has come down slightly below 6% but that's not very encouraging as the fall in inflation has been achieved by drastic fall in vegetable prices. Excluding food, the inflation still stands at 7.2%. The startups, Unicorns and the IT industry are showing a dismal trend. One may expect a harsh winter. A significant observation by Shri Warrier on IT Regime is "Every new tax law claims the purpose as 'simplification of procedures', but end result is always advisor/consultant-friendly." This is strangely true. Why so? Lot of efforts have been made by various regimes but the IT laws continue to remain beyond comprehension by one and all. Shri K M Chandrasekhar in his book 'As good as my word' which I am reading has explained that there is a saying in Income Tax department that any Govt which attempts to change the law would fall before the revised bill came to the Parliament. All attempts to simplify the tax laws came to nought. Shri K M Chandrasekhar was the Revenue Secretary and later on became Cabinet Secretary. Shri Rakesh Mohan at that time was Secretary, DEA. Shri Jaitley had set up a Committee to formulate the Direct Tax Code under Shri Arbind Modi and when he painstakingly prepared the report containing recommendations to simplify the tax regime, he was told on the last day of his superannuation that he need not meet the Minister or present the report. Al love, labour lost. There are several good articles/features in the Collage, the most notable being the Ancient Sanskrit Shlokas. I'm sure more and more people would like to consume potatoes after reading the piece of article in this Collage. Some people shun this vegetable as they think that it makes them fat. It was Vasco De Gama who brought potatoes to India. The Portuguese got them from Brazil. Many many thanks for the Collage. Regards, Sitendra Kumar *Thanks 🙏 SitendraJi Amazing. Nowadays I go through earlier issues of Collage again after reading your reviews. Usually, I avoid reading second time what I release after writing 😂-Warrier B Current Affairs Media Response : M G Warrier 1) Tackling inflation* This refers to the report "Govt working to lower inflation further" (The Hindu Business Line, December 15). Viewed from the present urgency for RBI to get better results in inflation control, Nirmala Sitaraman's optimistic observations on GOI's efforts 'to lower inflation further' have come at the right time. RBI had hinted at the inflation figures remaining on the wrong side of the old target for some more time. The responsible statement coming from FM about fiscal policy support for inflation control will allow RBI to focus focus more on monetary policy measures rather than "doing homework" to explain reasons for not adhering to the target. Fortunately, RBI and GOI are on the same page, and the journey has been smooth, so far. The post-pandemic global scenario and the growth expectations within the country do not augur well for more stringent monetary policy measures to control inflation. RBI, complying with a requirement, had appraised GOI in November about the action in progress on the inflation front. Now one feels confident that some supportive fiscal policy initiatives to control inflation and promote growth will find expression in the February 2023 budget. Next MPC meeting will be after fiscal policy response to RBI's monetary policy initiatives. M G Warrier Mumbai *Published on December 16, 2022. 2) Education and skills development December 16, 2022 This refers to A S Mittal's short take on "Manufacturing's vital role in tapping India's young population" (The Hindu Business Line, December 16). Developing countries including India have so far focused on improving literacy level and have been fairly successful. When we turn to skill development initiatives and planning school syllabus and allocation of admissions for higher education, based on ground level needs, our track record is not that impressive. There are valid reasons for such a scenario. One, industries including construction industries need a higher percentage of failures at undergraduate level to have a perennial catchment area for cheap labour. Two, young population, while selecting higher education streams, keep an eye on opportunities for higher education and/or employment abroad. Three, universities are not mandated to dovetail domestic skills and specialisation needs while planning internal seats allocations and preparing syllabus. Time is opportune for centre, states and universities to make a realistic assessment of skills and specialisation needs within the country and formulate an action plan with statutory backing for implementation across the country. Such a plan should take a long term perspective, beyond 15 to 20 years. M G Warrier Mumbai C Panchapagesan's Column YOU ARE FORTUNATE OVER 70 YEARS BEING LUCKY ONES……… SUNDAY COLLAGE Dr. Wada in Japan advocates calling people over 70 years old as "fortunate people" rather than "elderly people". He summed up the secret of 70-year-olds becoming "lucky ones" into "42 sentences" Seniors over the age of 70 do not need regular physical examinations because the "standard of health" varies from person to person. He also said : "Don't believe what doctors say." This is because doctors are in contact with "patients", so they do not understand what health is. At the same time, he also opposes the long-term use of multiple drugs by the elderly, and advocates "only take necessary drugs when necessary." In other words, "taking medicine to prevent something" makes little sense. According to this point of view, the elderly do not need to take sleeping pills frequently. Loss of sleep time as you age is a natural phenomenon, and no one dies from insomnia. 24 hours a day, sleep whenever you want, wake up whenever you want, this is the privilege of the elderly. In addition, the cholesterol level that the elderly are generally worried about, even if it is high to a certain extent, there is no need to worry. Because cholesterol is the raw material for the body to generate immune cells. The more immune cells, the lower the risk of cancer in older people. in addition, part of the male hormone is also composed of cholesterol. If the cholesterol level is too low, men's physical and mental health will be unsustainable. Likewise, high blood pressure doesn't matter at all. More than 50 years ago, human malnutrition was widespread. So, when blood pressure reaches around 150, the blood vessels burst. But very few people are malnourished these days, so even blood pressure over 200 won't cause a blood vessel to burst. Dr. Wada summed up the secret of 70-year-olds becoming "fortunate people" into "42 sentences", as follows: 1. Keep walking 2. Take a deep breath when you feel irritable 3. Exercise so that the body does not feel stiff 4. Drink more water when the air conditioner is on in summer 6. The more you chew, the more energetic your body and brain will be 7. Memory declines not because of age, but because of long-term non-use of the brain 8. No need to take a lot of medicine 9. No need to deliberately lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels 13. Only do what you love, not what you hate 15. No matter what, don't stay at home all the time 16. Eat whatever you want, the fat body is just right 17. Do everything meticulously 18. Don't deal with people you hate 20. Rather than fighting the disease to the end, it is better to live with it 21. "The car must have a way to the front of the mountain" is the magic spell to make the old man happy 24. You can't fall asleep and don't force it 25. Doing happy things is best for boosting brain activity 27. Find a "family doctor" early 28. Don't be overly patient or force yourself, there is nothing wrong with being a "bad old man" 31. Stop learning and you will grow old 32. Don't be greedy for vanity, it's good to have everything you have now 33. Innocence is the privilege of the elderly 34. The more troublesome things are, the more interesting they are 36. Do what is good for others 37. Live leisurely today 38. Desire is the source of longevity 39. Live as an optimist 40. Cheerful people will be popular. 41. The rules of life are in your own hands 42. Accept everything calmly Let us learn to Learn to enjoy life following 42 tips given. V T Panchapagesan Bonus Dr Charan Singh [12/15, 10:35 AM] CharanIIMB: https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1603152216029732864?t=DlHq3m43ISq0URZcH9Q4Jg&s=08 Unity in Diversity - 466 भगत जना कउ राखदा आपणी किरपा धारि ॥ हलति पलति मुख ऊजले साचे के गुण सारि Protects humble devotees and showers them blessings Enshrining the virtues of True Lord, their faces are radiant in this and next world Guru Arjan, Srirag, 46, SGGS [12/16, 9:05 AM] CharanIIMB: https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1603501902322208768?t=Un9CdUvcCxgkSZw37LTk2g&s=08 Unity in Diversity - 467 मेरउ मेरउ सभै कहत है हित सिउ बाधिओ चीत अंति कालि संगी नह कोऊ इह अचरज है रीति Everyone says, mine, my own but mind is tied to personal benefit Strange is the way - at the last moment no one comes to help (from death) Guru Tegh Bahadur, Devgandhari, 536 [12/17, 9:45 AM] CharanIIMB: https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1603876408052183040?t=Yp_9yDNfxrdsqYR53ijO7w&s=08 Unity in Diversity - 468 खेलु गूड़्हउ कीअउ हरि राइ संतोखि समाचरि्यओ बिमल बुधि सतिगुरि समाणउ Wonderous play of the Lord: Contentment & Pristine Understanding is infused in True Guru Bard Kal Sahar, 1407, SGGS D From here and there Collage Books Atlas of Beauty The Atlas of Beauty : Women of the World in 500 Portraits https://amzn.eu/d/eJSlv88 Collage Arts Reshmy Warrier shared a couple of paintings on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/p/CmMkLNwK_c3/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= https://www.instagram.com/p/CmJ90IYS8t6/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= E Babusenan's Column Recall of what one hears There are a few among the Sherlock Holmes short stories that are less short but equally thrilling. Such a story is captioned 'The Sign of Four' whose central character is one Jonathan Small, a British-born fortune hunter, and the story is woven round the so-called Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. He was such a bad character that, in order to mend his ways, a pious crocodile in the holy Ganges bit off one leg of his, but that failed to click. There were many Jonathan Smalls like him in the colonial India, two of whom, while discussing about sharing their booty, at an almost empty bathing ghat on the Ganga around mid-day, came to blows. The local police took both the fellows to the magistrate. There were no other Englishmen on the ghat to be used as a witness. They could find only a lean -and -hungry-looking native taking bath nearby. The police hauled him also to the magistrate's presence for whatever it was worth. The magistrate, who himself was British, wished only to send them away with a soft warning. He asked : "Is there any witness? " "No, your honour, except this fellow." One policeman pushed forward the lean- and -hungry looking native. "Do you know English? " asked the Magistrate. *Not a word, sir. " came the reply when translated. One policeman offered to interpret. "Have you seen these gentlemen quarrelling? " *Yes, sir. At first, I didn't notice them. When they started shouting, I listened. These were what they spoke. " He then recalled from memory every word that each uttered. For him, these were only sounds sans meaning, but, for the magistrate, each word was a gem of the foulest literature in the Queen's English (Queen Victoria was ruling England then). He was aghast! Sakthibhadra was one of the Kerala disciples of Aadi Sankara. He wrote a Sanskrit drama based on the Ramayana and showed it to his Guru for his approval .The Aacharya was then busy with his preparation for a long journey to the North and so asked someone to read it out to him. When the reading was over, Sakthibhadra eagerly waited for the Gurus's response, but, unfortunately, no response came and the Aacharya left for the long journey. Sakthibhadra felt as if he had lost all his sakthi. He was convinced that the Aacharya's silence clearly showed that he was not happy with the work. Utter despair made him throw the palm leaves into the fire. The Acharya took a long time to return. On reaching the aashram, he sent someone to fetch Sakthibhadra and apologized to him. "I hope you won't mind showing the play to me again. It was a nice one." He said. Sakthibhadra was stunned. "Sire, thinking that it was worthless, I destroyed it.Kindly pardon me." He stammered. "Don't worry.It was my mistake. Can you recollect what you wrote-at least, parts of it? " No, sire. I cannot. " He was on the verge of tears. Acharya asked someone to bring stylus and palm leaves. He closed his eyes and sat still for a short while. Then he started dictating and did not stop till the entire play came out! But for this special quality of the Acharya, namely, to store in tact fully in memory, for any length of time, what he had heard and to recall the same from A to Z whenever needed, 'Aascharyachoodamani' ('The Wondrous Hairpin' of Sita)* would not have been there at all to claim the status of being the first offering from the South to the kitty of Sanskrit drama! It is said that Lord Macaulay who was gifted with photographic memory (the twin sister on the visual side) had difficulty in controlling data when he wrote the history of England. One endowed with the gift of storing everything he has heard ,together with the gift of recall, may have to face the discomfort of such data rushing to the conscious mind uninvited. As such, will there be many takers among married people even if God himself offers this gift gratis? I doubt. *Know more : https://www.exoticindiaart.com/book/details/ascharyachoodamani-of-shaktibhadra-azf952/ F Collage in Classroom Health Tips Banana Leaf https://www.herzindagi.com/health/health-benefits-of-eating-on-banana-leaves-article-167081 Investment Tips https://youtu.be/1xOVioggcrY History Pazhassi Raja https://www.thebetterindia.com/154585/news-kerala-varma-pazhassi-raja-british/ G Leisure Breaking habit* What is the hardest thing to break? Surprisingly the Answer is : "HABIT" If you break the H, you still have ‘A’ BIT. If you break the‘B' you still have 'IT’ Even after you break the T in 'IT', There is still‘I’ And that (I)** is the root cause of all the problems. Have a pleasant and blessed day. 🙏 *Shared by T V Sumangala Thrissur **Collage adds : https://www.bharattemples.com/bhagavad-gita-chapter-6-verse-5/ https://www.linkedin.com/posts/rdaga1_livemint-india-usa-activity-7005425957922631680-uyYa?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_android


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