Warrier's Collage on Wednesday December 14, 2022

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE Midweek Edition On Wednesday December 14, 2022 (Next issue of Collage on Sunday December 18, 2022) 1) Open Heart Surgery : Dr Abdul Kalam https://youtu.be/hl1GCa3AogI Motivational Speech. Link Courtesy : Mariakutty Thiruvananthapuram 2) Bhagavad-Gita : An introduction https://youtu.be/1d2zq-58r6A 3) President's address https://youtu.be/_Do2NpEiAB8 (Link Courtesy : K Balasubramanian Coimbatore) Good Morning πŸŒ… Nice Day M G Warrier A 1) Sitendra Kumar Dear Shri Warrier, Our brain nourishment to the optimum capacity happens only after we receive the e copy of the Collage. This time there's a good emphasis on the central bank itself which is understandable. One is the review by Latha Venkatesh, the anchor of CNBC-TV18 of Dr Rangarajan's book, quite exhaustive, one would rather say. This channel was the favourite of Dr Raghuram Rajan as well who used to watch it every day. Ironically, there's a comment by you on HR issues where you say---- Bureaucrats and bankers open their mind around the time of 'final' retirement or while writing memoirs. Another occasion is when they address exclusively academic gatherings. NIBSCOM gave such a rare opportunity to RBI Deputy Governor Jain. Rightly so Shri Warrier, as there's no mention of any HR initiative* in Dr Raghuram Rajan's book even at the time of his retirement and one wished he would have done something. You have rightly suggested that we may pick up a lesson or two from the defence forces and TATA's. One apprehends that the protection of vested interests comes in the way. The Collage covers the latest initiatives in monetary policy measures, World Bank report on rating of our country, Babusenan's column etc. All thought provoking. After the article on Photographic Memory by Shri Babusenan, I'm tempted to see the movie Torn Curtain which I'll search for on the internet now. Lot of thanks for the Collage. Regards, Sitendra Kumar *Dr Rajan wrote in some detail on HR issues including Pension Revision in the RBI Annual Report-Warrier 2) C V Subbaraman Thank you very much, Shri Warrier. Today's (Sunday December 11 Various) issue of Collage carries many interesting pieces. This has rightly provoked me to share them with many of my friends outside the RBI circle. It is noteworthy that the RBI has sounded confident that the rate of inflation will be below 6% in the last quarter of the current financial year. This is a success story. About which we all in the RBI family can be proud of, especially when we see around the world many central banks have been struggling to tame the inflationary pressures. Coming to the observation of the Judiciary that the decisions (of RBI) can always be examined by them is NOT understandable. With great respect to our eminent Judiciary, there are certain spheres of specializations and functional competence based on such expertise, and certain specific organizations are consciously created to deal with such functions. One such organization is the RBI whose actions and decisions, some of which may be experimental in nature too, cannot be debated before the Judiciary. Judges of courts should not sit in judgement over the RBI decisions. They are not monetary policy experts. Even if some judges are good economists, they are not to decide on whether a particular decision of RBI is right or wrong. In this view, even the ruling once given by the Hon'ble Court invalidating the RBI's decision in regard to the crypto currency is an unnecessary over-reach. A country's monetary policy cannot be subject to the review of the Judiciary. C V Subbaraman B Current Affairs RBI letter to GOI on Inflation Target GoI is on record saying that the RBI letter to government on "failure" to keep inflation within the band indicated will not be made public. RBI, after issue of the letter had clarified that the letter was addressed to GoI and will be shared by the recipient with appropriate forums. In such matters, it's imprudent to expect publication of communications exchanged at every level. Media Response : M G Warrier 1) RBI's chase of inflation target This refers to the article "Monetary policy is starting to bite" (The Hindu Business Line, December 13). The well researched article highlights an abrupt conclusion that "the move towards a higher growth trajectory has weakened, thanks to rising lending rates". The observation is factually correct, though. Historically, RBI has not enjoyed independent policy making powers. True, in a hurry to dodge certain external pressures, a fairly balanced Monetary Policy Committee was constituted and given an impression to the public that "Inflation is RBI's baby". RBI didn't bother to correct this impression and the understanding that RBI "will explain reasons for inflation moving out of prescribed band (4+/_2 percent)" made even the erudite analysts point their fingers at RBI when inflation misbehaved globally, post-pandemic. RBI has already hinted at the inflation figures remaining on the wrong side of the old target for some more time. Given the equally bad global scenario, the best approach would be to accept the situation "What cannot be cured, will have to be endured" and approach GOI to discuss a revision of the present target. The advantage is that RBI will be able to focus on monetary policy measures rather than "doing homework" to explain reasons for not adhering to the target. So far this season, fortunately, RBI and GOI are on the same page, and the journey has been smooth. The post-pandemic global scenario and the growth expectations within the country do not augur well for more stringent monetary policy measures to control inflation. RBI, complying with a requirement, has appraised GOI in November about the action in progress on the inflation front. Perhaps some supportive fiscal policy initiatives to control inflation and promote growth may find expression in the February 2023 budget. Next MPC meeting will be after GOI response to RBI policy initiatives. M G Warrier Mumbai 2) IT Regime* This refers to the report "Budget may tweak new I-T regime, bring new ITR form" (The Hindu Business Line, December 12). The complicated modalities of taxation worldwide brought new meanings for the word "taxing" in dictionaries. Every new tax law claims the purpose as 'simplification of procedures', but end result is always advisor/consultant-friendly. One wonders there's a conscious effort to provide for incremental income for investment advisors and tax consultants. Now that all conceivable investments are captured through PAN-linking, there can be a TDS system for investments above a threshold limit which need not wait for finalisation of ITRs. Similarly, idle assets including monetized assets should attract a separate tax regime. M G Warrier Mumbai *A slightly edited version published on December 13, 2022. C Collage Tourism : Focus on Kerala 1) En Ooru Wayanad* : Malayalam https://youtu.be/GU6ozLZpMXw *English version at (b) below Collage Notes : Since one District Collector took personal interest in developing tourist spots in Wayanad** (starting with Edakkal Caves development initiatives), Wayanad has come a long way... Congratulations to all who are taking interest in promoting Heritage Tourism. The potential is immense. **Know More : (a) Wayanad District Tourism Promotion Council https://wayanadtourism.org/ (b) En Uru, English Version https://youtu.be/B5n_1iAd4Sc 2) Anakkatty in Palghat District Kerala Anakkatty in Palghat District : https://youtu.be/ahAxtdKMzGw (Link Courtesy : Madhava Warrier Powai Mumbai) K Balasubramanian Coimbatore adds : πŸ™ Anakkatty* is just 10kms away from Tamil Nadu border. I traveled frequently in the past. Enjoyed palam bajji, kandayam, kerala bajji... Beautiful place Bala *Location and route to Anakkatty, Sholayoor Panchayat, Palakkad District, Kerala. A place with the same name (Anaikkatti) is close by inside Tamil Nadu. D Spirituality/Faith 1) V T Panchapagesan Chennai I Krishna means Black Krishna Paksham. Black is Ignorance Ignorance begets FEAR KNOWLEDGE begets Confidence Confidence begets Courage which is Physical, Social, Moral, Mental, Intellectual & Spiritual.. Trifles make Perfection. Perfection is not Trifle. We are all a Spark from the Divine force. How we perform is Life. It is being evaluated by the unknown. Everyone has to undergo punishment Depending on one’s performance. We are all born again and again till The soul is merged with Cosmos. Even Krishna had to undergo punishment When He left this world. Beyond Body, Beyond Mind, Beyond Intellect Explore SELF WITHIN, AS SELF IS SUBTLE ENVISAGED LUMINOUS FOCUSSED. THIS IS THE REALITY OF EXISTENCE. Avatar is not to glorify the unknown but to understand the evolution step by step, how a human has to do the assigned duty. Krishna is Eight Avatar which means He is Symbolic to five elements with three Gunas.. πŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏ Be Well, V. T. Panchapagesan * Enjoy a Malayalam song : https://youtu.be/z4WSumTQVlQ II Hinduism is a way of life : V T Panchapagesan Who are we*? We quote from various past anecdotes, with some classifications, known to us. Based on this everyone of us discusses, conveys individual opinions. Far or otherwise. We are all knowledgeable with common sense, analyzing various aspects, from the past available materials. Hinduism is not a religion and we know not of our pattern of living as there is no commonality. Great souls have born and duly shown us some Guidelines. If this can be accepted, there should commonality between us or among us. If that is so, some guidelines, acceptable in the current environment, have to be formulated. We are all humans to be humane in living, creating Harmony around us, now. We have BMI with Self which we call fourth state of consciousness. If this is accepted, can we not formulate some guidelines which can be discussed by our available knowledgeable scholars forming a basis to be practiced without selfishness in action, to be followed as accepted to be the pattern of living. Wishful thinking, but can be constructed, giving a thought, into reality, taking into consideration of three great acharyas, who lived in different periods emphasizing Duality, Qualified Monism and Supreme Force as ONE. IT IS LIKE THREE GUNAS TOWARDS REALIZATION. πŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏ V T Panchapagesan *Suggested reading from Collage records : https://m.economictimes.com/opinion/speaking-tree E Health Tips 1) Sharing Some Ancient Sanskrit Quotes Which Are Health Tips* 1. Ajeerne Bhojanam Visham _If previously taken Lunch is not digested .. then taking Dinner will be equivalent to taking Poison. Hunger is one signal that the previous food is digested_. 2. Ardharogahari Nidhraa _Proper sleep cures half of the diseases.._ 3. Mudhgadhaali Gadhavyaali _Of all the Pulses, Green grams are the best. It boosts Immunity. Other Pulses all have one or the other side effects._ 4. Bagnaasthi Sandhaanakaro Rasonaha _Garlic even joins broken Bones.._ 5. Athi Sarvathra Varjayeth _Anything consumed in Excess, just because it tastes good, is not good for Health. Be moderate._ 6. Naasthimoolam Anoushadham _There is No Vegetable that has no medicinal benefit to the body.._ 7. Na Vaidhyaha Prabhuraayushaha _No Doctor is Lord of our Longevity. Doctors have limitations._ 8. Chinthaa Vyaadhi Prakaashaya _Worry aggravates ill health.._ 9. Vyayaamascha Sanaihi Sanaihi _Do any Exercise slowly. Speedy exercise is not good._ 10. Ajavath charvanam Kuryaath _Chew your Food like a Goat..Never Swallow food in a hurry.._ _Saliva aids first in digestion._ 11. Snaanam Naama Manahprasaadhanakaram Dhuswapna Vidhwasanam _Bath removes Depression. It drives away Bad Dreams.._ 12. Na Snaanam Aachareth Bhukthvaa _Never take Bath immediately after taking Food Digestion is affected_ 13. Naasthi Meghasamam Thoyam _No water matches Rainwater in purity.._ 14. Ajeerne Bheshajam Vaari _Indigestion can be addressed by taking plain water._ 15. Sarvathra Noothanam Sastham Sevakaanne Puraathanam _Always prefer things that are Fresh.._ _Old Rice and Old Servant need to be replaced with new. (Here what it actually means in respect of Servant- Change his Duties and not terminate.)_ 16. Nithyam Sarvaa Rasaabhyaasaha _Take complete Food that has all tastes viz: Salt, Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Astringent and Pungent)._ 17. Jataram Poorayedhardham Annahi _Fill your Stomach half with Solids, a quarter with Water and rest leave it empty._ 18. Bhukthvopa Visathasthandraa _Never sit idle after taking Food. Walk for at least half an hour._ 19. Kshuth Saadhuthaam Janayathi _Hunger increases the taste of food.._ _In other words, eat only when hungry.._ 20. Chinthaa Jaraanaam Manushyaanaam_Worrying speeds up ageing.._ 21. Satham Vihaaya Bhokthavyam) _When it is time for food, keep even 100 jobs aside._ 22. Sarvaa Dharmeshu Madhyamaam _Choose always the middle path. Avoid going for extremes in anything_ *Shared by K Balasubramanian Coimbatore 2) Benefits from potatoes* 1. Potatoes are rich in important trace elements such as potassium and calcium - good for normalising blood pressure and ensuring healthy bones. 2. They are a great source of fibre, which helps keep you fuller for longer with improved and regular bowel function. 3. Potatoes contain phosphorus which keeps bones healthy, which is so important to keep osteoporosis and arthritis at bay. 4. They have some anti oxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin that may help lower the risk of cancer. 5. Potatoes contain vitamin K, which is essential in forming clots to prevent bleeding if you have a wound. Daily Mirror *Shared by Vishnu Kelkar F Leisure A young man excitedly tells his mother he's fallen in love and is going to get married. He says, "Just for fun, Ma, I'm going to bring over three women and you try and guess which one I'm going to marry." The mother agrees and the next day he brings three beautiful women into the house and sits them down on the couch and they chat for a while. He then says, "Ok, Ma. Guess which one I'm going to marry." She immediately replies, "The One In The Middle." He was surprised that his mother was so easily able to guess the correct woman, "How do you know?!" The Mother Replies, "I DON'T LIKE HER!" ............................ SOORYA DAILY BULLETIN ΰ΄•ΰ΄³ിΰ΄―ും ΰ΄•ാΰ΄°്ΰ΄―ΰ΄΅ും 11 TH DECEMBER 2022 ......................................... G The Underwater Garden https://youtu.be/JStcJiBon3Y (Uploaded by BBC)


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