Book on my table : I'm OK, You're OK

Book on my table I'm Ok, You're Ok (L) Book Discription @ Amazon says : "This practical guide to Transactional Analysis is a unique approach to solving your problems. Hundreds of thousands of people have found this phenomenal breakthrough in psychotherapy a turning point in their lives. In sensible non-technical language, one of the world's best psychiatrists, Thomas A Harris, explains how to gain control of yourself, your relationships and your future - no matter what happened in the past. This is the self-help book that will really change your life - for good." In one of the RBI programmes I had received a copy of this book from the Program Coordinator S S Shroff. I had preserved it till recently and had given away to a guest in Thiruvananthapuram this year. Today I have ordered another copy today. Transactional Analysis is an interesting subject. Know More : M G Warrier


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