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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Friday August 18, 2023 Good Morning This week, Collage is coming to you two days earlier. Happy Onam to all readers. M G Warrier Onam 2023 https://youtu.be/w9ELb7S6NSs Prayer 🙏 Mookam karoti vachaalam... https://youtu.be/h_HgfPphqiQ V T Panchapagesan's thoughts : Example is better than precept…. Vidhurar is a living example in Mahabharat for what Justice means… Lord, teach me to be generous, To serve others as they deserve, To give and not to count the cost, To fight and not to heed the wounds, To toil and not to seek for rest… To Labour and to ask for no reward, Save that of knowing that I do your WILL, O LORD…….. Be Well, V T Panchapagesan *See Cover Story @ D A Collage Books 1 The Indians: Histories of a Civilization https://amzn.eu/d/7wRfHkU The Indians is one of the most ambitious projects yet undertaken to map the origins, evolution, and present-day reality of India's civilization and people. Written by over one hundred of South Asia's foremost scholars and domain experts, the essays in the book cover a period of some 12,000 years-from the last Ice Age to the twenty-first century. The book is divided into seven sections. The first part looks at the evolution of humans in South Asia through the lens of the early 'Indian' population, their migrations, and the climate. The second part focuses on the emergence of different civilizations in the region through the domestication of plants and animals and other factors and how these civilizations eventually begin to decline. The third part discusses the languages and philosophies that defined ancient India-Buddhism, Jainism, Sanskrit, Indo-Iranian languages, and Pali literature, among others. The fourth part is a detailed study of society and culture in various geographical regions--the North, South, Northeast, the Deccan, East, and West India. The fifth part looks at the advent of colonialism and its impact on the country's economy, social fabric, and knowledge systems. The sixth part looks at Adivasi movements, Ambedkarite politics, Gandhian resistance, and other events that would come to form the bedrock of the independent republic. And, finally, the seventh part looks at contemporary India--the workings of the Constitution and urbanism, liberalization, and other aspects of the modern Indian experience. Taken together, the essays in the book provide remarkable insights into Indian history and society. 2 TNC Rangarajan shared a link for a book (A book to pass time) http://dspace.vnbrims.org:13000/xmlui/bitstream/handle/123456789/2780/59%20second%20think%20a%20little%20change%20a%20lot.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y B Current Affairs 1 Kerala Onam Bumper Lottery https://english.mathrubhumi.com/news/kerala/thiruvonam-bumper-lottery-kerala-revises-prize-structure-second-prize-for-20-winners-1.8757596 Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala State Government has decided not to change the total amount awarded for Thiruvonam bumper first prize. First Prize : Rs25 Crores Date of Draw : September 20, 2023 According to media reports, over 20 lakhs tickets sold upto last week. Read more at: https://english.mathrubhumi.com/news/kerala/thiruvonam-bumper-lottery-kerala-revises-prize-structure-second-prize-for-20-winners-1.8757596 Inflation Dr T V Gopalakrishnan shared a link : https://econo-reflexions.blogspot.com/2022/04/some-random-thoughts-on-inflation.html C Media Responses 1 Remembering history This refers to the brief review of the book "The Indians : Histories of a Civilisation" (The Hindu Sunday Magazine, August 13). For those who can't read voluminous books for various constraints, reviews are a blessing. Here the canvas and coverage about the idea of India being expansive, the reader will be induced to get a feel of the book. The review rekindles the memories with a selectivity which is enviable. The reference to the seven sections by itself is more than enough for students of Indian History to allow their thoughts to wander around the heritage our country is privy to. Remembered my younger days when I spent quality time inside libraries skipping through the pages of books, unable to decide which book to borrow! M G Warrier 2 Caste politics This refers to the apparently balanced article "Calling the shots, making a point" (The Hindu, August 14). Those who have been following the role of NSS in Kerala politics since the formation of the state will not be surprised at the present stance of the leadership of that organisation. While people visit temples, political parties and their leadership in Kerala trust in the blessings of NSS. In God's own country, due to high literacy rate, very rarely sentiments get converted into votes. Sentiments are expressed and votes are cast independent of each other, unlike in neighbouring states. This explains the blow hot, blow cold approach of BJP's present strategy in Kerala. M G Warrier Mumbai Predictions in a soup! This refers to the piece "Tomato prices behind high inflation, south India most hit" (The Hindu, Data Point, August 16). I got disgusted by the caption of the article and this response is recorded before reading full narration (Sure, will read and make corrections after reading, before transmission). If the price of one vegetable can influence inflation metrix to the extent it has happened during the last quarter, time is up to have a relook at the way we arrive at the final figures of inflation. Especially when the red vegetable has a short period between sowing and harvesting and a shorter shelf life. Will some experts, for my academic information, work out the movement of inflation in southern states, if tomato is removed from the basket? M G Warrier Mumbai D Cover Story : Vidura Neeti Shared by Vathsala Jayaraman THESE FOUR Learned men have declared that even a king, although powerful, should never consult with these four : Men of small sense(foolish persons), Men that are procrastinating(slow in action), Men that are enthusiastic or who are thoughtless, and Men that are flatterers. Let these four dwell with thee : Old consanguineous relatives, High-born persons fallen into adversity, Poor friends, and Issueless sisters. Continued at H Know More : https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/vidur-niti-wisdom-from-mahabharata-maharishi-ved-vyas-part-1 E American News Letter : Shared by TNC Rangarajan Here is the church. Here is the steeple. Open the doors and, wait, where are all the people? Does the decline of church attendance signal a decline in religious belief or does it just reflect the fact that our modern life leaves little time for things like human interaction? The Atlantic: Why So Many Americans Have Stopped Going to Church. "The problem in front of us is not that we have a healthy, sustainable society that doesn’t have room for church. The problem is that many Americans have adopted a way of life that has left us lonely, anxious, and uncertain of how to live in community with other people." (I knew my personal characteristics would eventually be mainstream). I have an additional theory. Politics has become the new religion, one that inspires ideological fervor, an unyielding belief (no matter how insane the claims), tribal clans convinced that non-believers and false god worshippers are determined to destroy the world, megachurch-like rallies, and a whole lot of passing of the collection plate. Want to change this trend? Start praying. Why So Many Americans Have Stopped Going to Church. F Collage Tourism Guide Let's begin a tour of Kerala this Onam season. You may be wondering, after being victims of all the negative things you have been served on silver screen by the media, what's left in Kerala. Let's have a look : Kasaragod District Kasaragod is the northernmost district of Kerala and is also known as Saptha Bhasha Sangama Bhoomi ("land where seven languages meet") as seven languages namely, Malayalam , Tulu, Kannada, Marathi, Konkani, Beary, and Urdu are spoken, unlike the other districts of Kerala. The district is situated on the rich biodiversity of Western Ghats. It was a part of the Kannur district of Kerala until 24 May 1984. The district is bounded by Dakshina Kannada district to the north, Western Ghats to the northeast, Kodagu district to the southeast, Kannur district to the south, and Arabian Sea to the west. Kasaragod district has the maximum number of rivers in Kerala - 12. Know More: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attractions-g1809068-Activities-Kasaragod_Kasaragod_District_Kerala.html G Collage Nostalgia : M G Warrier Memories of Independence Day 1957 : M G Warrier Welcome to the Independence Day celebrations in the premises of Kadathanad Raja’s High School (KRHS), Purameri, Malabar District, Madras State. Today is August 15, 1957. I’m a student in Vth Form (Standard IX) here. I’ll appear for SSLC Examination next academic year, 1958-59. This school has a beautiful premise, well-furnished classrooms, a well-equipped Lab, a good Library with a full-time Librarian and an attendant, a large football court, an excellently maintained garden and a dedicated team of teachers and staff. Perhaps, the NewGen debating the NEP (New Education Policy) should send an expert team to find out how KRHS was managed and administered during the 1950s. In 1957, most of the teachers in KRHS were identified by the work they handled. Thus, Headmaster, Hindi Pundit, Sanskrit and Malayalam Munshis, Drill Master, Drawing Master, Library Thampuran (maybe because he didn’t teach!) and so on. A lot of preparations preceded and some residual activities followed the Independence Day celebrations in schools in Malabar area those days. School premises and classrooms are cleaned up well in advance of the Independence Day. Gardens are trimmed and beautified by the students affiliated to KRHS Social Service League. Auxiliary Cadet Corps (ACC) cadets do their rehearsals a week in advance for the Independence Day Parade where the Headmaster would receive Salute and a Guest will hoist the National Flag. On Independence Day, we can participate or go round a Science Exhibition in and around the School Lab. Main participative event for all students is a Classroom Decoration Competition on August 15. Each student brings a photograph, showcase items, flowers and flowerpots from home in the morning and a team of students decided their placement and completed the decoration by noon. Around 12 noon, a team of teachers will visit each classroom and finalize the prize-winning classes. The competition used to be of a high level and even a third prize was worth aspiring for. However, I do not remember any occasion during my period in KRHS, when any student or class teacher felt the judgment of the expert team of teachers went against them or the decision was questioned. H Continued from D THESE FIVE These five follow thee wherever you go : Friends, foes, those that are indifferent, dependants, and those who want refuge and are entitled to maintenance. Out of the five senses organs(eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin) of a man, if one springs a leak, then from that single hole runs out all his intelligence, just like water runs out from a perforated leathern vessel. THESE SIX These six faults should be avoided by a person who wishes to attain prosperity and happiness : Sleep, drowsiness, fear, anger, laziness and procrastination. Verily those six qualities should never be forsaken by men, viz., truth, charity, diligence, benevolence, forgiveness and patience. These six should be renounced like a broken boat in the sea, viz. a preceptor who cannot expound the scriptures (who cannot teach), a priest who is illiterate, a king who is unable to defend, a wife who is disloyal, a cow-herd who does not want to go to the fields, instead who wishes to remain in the village, and a barber who wishes to live in woods instead of a village. These six are always miserable, the envious, the malicious, the discontented, the irascible, the ever suspicious and those depending upon the fortunes of others. THESE SEVEN A king should renounce these seven faults which are productive of calamity, inasmuch as they are able to effect the ruin of even monarchs firmly established. THESE are women, dice, hunting, drinking, harshness of speech, severity of punishment, and misuse of wealth. THESE EIGHT These eight qualities glorify a man, viz., wisdom, high birth, self-restraint, learning, prowess, moderation in speech, gift according to one's power and gratitude. THESE NINE This house has nine doors (i.e. two eyes, two ears, two holes of the nostril, one mouth, the holes of anus and penis), three pillars, namely Sattava, Rajas and Tamas– goodness, passion and darkness or virtue, foulness and ignorance), and five witnesses( sound, tangibility, shape or colour, flavour and smell). It is presided over by the soul. The learned man who knows the abode of the soul – the human body, with these nine gates, three pillars and five witnesses, is truly a wise man. THESE TEN O Dhritarashtra, these ten do not know what Dharma (virtue) is, viz., the intoxicated, inattentive, the mad(raving), the fatigued, the angry, the hungry, the hasty, the covetous, the frightened, and the lustful. Therefore, he, who is wise, should not keep company with them. From the perusal of the above advice given by Mahatma Vidura to king Dhritrastra, it will be observed that many gems of ethical values are contained in the Vidura Niti, which are still relevant in the modern times. Commencing from‘to whom sleep evades',‘the characteristic of wise men' and the‘traits of foolish persons', Vidura has spread a wide spectrum of variegated rules of conduct, which though meant for Dhritarashtra, are relevant to all of us even in the present times, when the degradation of ethical values has become rampant all around the world. Let us ponder over some of them to be more wise, prudent, and successful in the ultimate reckoning. (Extracts from Vidura Neethi) Vathsala Jayaraman


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