Post Bank of India? - The Hindu

Post Bank of India? - The Hindu

Online comments:

India Post was toying with the idea of infusing 
professionalism and modern technology into its large banking business 
(let us accept the fact, though in a restricted way). No one can find 
fault with them for grabbing the present opportunity to express their 
wish. Some of the 26 applicants (there could be many who could not 
make it before the D-day) give a rough idea as to the kind of 
organisations which are serious about ‘converting’ the ‘money 
business’ they are already doing, into banking. At least in India, 
banks have more credibility and now there is a thinking that banking 
regulation will go into a ‘confusion state’ in the context of FSLRC 
which may allow certain applicants to have ‘best of both the worlds’. 
At the risk of repetition one is tempted to comment that opening of 
new banks should be an ongoing process based on need. Every 
organisation dealing with money need not be a bank. Organizational 
structure of banks in India needs a re-look in the present context.

from:  M G WARRIER
Posted on: Jul 6, 2013 at 17:41 IST  


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