Filtering out the real India | Business Line

Filtering out the real India | Business Line

Online comments posted on October 22, 2013:

The wise man by definition is ‘one who knows and knows he knows’. Remembered this while reading this article, as it is difficult to find one Indian today who will handle cricket, politics and finance with such ease before an audience Dr Rajan addressed at Harward Business School last week.

Financial sector survives on confidence. It is soothing to find that RBI Governor Rajan speaks the language of confidence which has its base in the real understanding of India’s present situation. It is neither euphoria nor adulation of a handsome young man who is in charge of India’s central bank that is making common man look forward to Rajan’s next step. It is a ray of hope about his ability to bring about changes that will augur well for India’s growth that is responsible for the smile on the Indian Economy’s face.

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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