Back to the aam aadmi | Business Standard

Back to the aam aadmi | Business Standard



Perhaps this is the only newspaper which has given a balanced view of AAP’s game plan.
As AAP did not have a majority in the Delhi Vidhan Sabha in the first place, no one can blame that party for making an exit when it found the support received from Congress was not real. Whatever be his other shortcomings, Arvind Kejriwal understands Delhi’s BPL(Businessmen-Politicians-Lawyers) rules of governance much better than P Chidambaram who credited Modi with knowledge which can be ‘written on the back of a postal stamp’ or Kabil Sibal who said Delhi Government’s filing FIR against Ambani revealed the CM’s ignorance of the law of the land. Having said that one is sadly aware that no one has a magic wand to clean up the mess in which the political system has sunk.
Long back, Kejriwal had said in a media interview that “I am aware that the status quoist parties will derail us because we have challenged the basic premise of their existence…Very soon you will see how the other parties will be forced to follow our agenda.” Diagnosis being clear and certain, preventing further aggravation of the ailment and treatment can commence from this point. Here, the role of “WE THE PEOPLE” (Ref: Preamble of the Constitution) is crucial.
The other political parties have no moral right to blame AAP for not fulfilling its election promises in 48 days or not going by the rule book, because they had together wasted precious 65 years without securing the basic rights assured in the Constitution and had been party to pushing through their ‘agenda’ in total disregard to extant legislative mandates. Whether it be NPS or nuclear deal, legislatures were approached for post-facto approval.
M G Warrier, Thiruvananthapuram



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